Piece of old Tappan Zee Bridge destabilizes, delays opening of Cuomo Bridge


Parts of the old tappan Zee bridge are in danger of collapsing alarming piece of news comes as the bridge. It's replacing the Mario Cuomo was just about to open mic. Sugarman has an explanation. David chorale up in Tarrytown was excited about the long awaited second span of the Mario Cuomo bridge post of opened up the self spin. Yes, plus name, and they didn't they didn't because they discovered parts of the old bridge. It's replacing the tappan Zee good crumble. Well, governor Andrew Cuomo who presided over a big hoopla Friday. But today headed tell people why it's not happening. So we have not transferred the traffic onto the new spanned until we know definitively that nothing is going to happen on the old bridge that would affect the new span old rusted pieces on the old bridge unstable. He says how could this happen five years into building four billion dollars later? Not his doing complicating factor is this does not only old it's the tappan Zee contractor company he says, and that's he's blaming no word win. The second span will open the northern span continues to carry

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