US Open 2018: Serena Williams accuses umpire of sexism after outbursts in final



Yesterday at the US open tennis finals, and it was it was really marred by a controversy of Serena Williams, your winner yesterday was Naomi Asaka of Japan. She made history last night winning her first grand slam event twenty year old and Serena went off like a like a five year old turn a temper tantrum in one impassioned phrase packed. With emotion. Serena says, I don't cheat to win. I'd rather lose than she got a second violation for smashing. Her tennis court racket on the pavement, costing her a point. And after that at one point she sitting on the chair on the sidelines, and she's arguing with the on the buyers, not responding not replying not engaging in that just pissed her off even more and the more she laid into him and the more he didn't reply the more. She just got angry as all get out. And finally, she looks up the empire says you stole a point for me. You're a thief. And that's all took the empire announced that he was finding Serena a full game. And at that point. Serena Williams was spent she was done some major championship. Just like Tiger Woods. Serena Williams plans her year round the US open. She's struggling in this match with an upstart twenty year old she's emotionally charged. And now she's in it with an empire feels that. She feels that he is penalized her for her actions. And she clearly believes it tennis officials have put up with more for male tennis players. Inner one John McEnroe for one MAC used to break tennis, rackets like like, we change underwear sometimes and Serena asked for different officials officials came out they had a heated conversation and one race voice. The when she raised her voice once she said, there are men out here who do a lot worse. And it goes on to say that the empire's finding her because she's a woman she literally said that I'm being fined because I'm a woman because a woman you're gonna take this away from me as she just breaks down and cries, and what's interesting is the fans in the stadium were supporting her they were rallying behind her. She was she was a good good girl last night. Being penalized by the bad guy in the chair now later after the match arenas coach was interviewed on TV and said that he was coaching. His quote was to be honest. I was coaching. I don't think she looked at me. I don't think she looked at me. So she never saw my signals. But I was like one hundred percent of the coaches one hundred percent of the matches. I was coaching today. The US Tennis Association released a statement afterwards saying that the chairs umpire's decision was final and not reviewable just this morning at about twelve thirty. It was announced. Serena Williams will be fine seventeen thousand dollars for violations during her open final yesterday. After after that, she did a press conference. And here's what Serena had to say in at the end of that. You gotta listen to the audio about how the reporters and the room respond. I can't sit here and say I wouldn't say he's a thief because he thought he took a game from me. But I've seen other men. Call other umpires several things and I'm here fighting for women's rights and for women's equality and for all kinds of stuff in for me to say fief in firm to take a game. It made me feel like it was a sexist remark. I mean like how he's never took a game from a man because I said. It blows my mind, but I'm gonna continue to to fight for women into fight for us to have equal coordination. Be able to take her shirt off without getting a fine. Like, this is outrageous. You know? And I just feel like the fact that I have to go through. This is just an example for the next person that has emotions and that want to express themselves, and they want to be a strong woman, and they're going to be allowed to do that. Because today, maybe didn't work out for me. But it's going to work for the next person. And at the end of that as you can hear the reporters starting to clap and gave her applause in the reporters in the room were supportive of Serena. And if you know anything about the world of reporting when you go into that environment and a sports environment you're supposed to stay neutral. You're not allowed to root. You're not allowed to support. You're not allowed to applause one way or another and show whether you support or disagree. That was stunning to me that the reporters in the room would applaud her and support her to really surprise me. So the question I posed to you is was that sexism yesterday was sexism involved because this man in the chair penalized. Serena Williams, did he unfairly penalised her because she's a girl did he unfairly lobby of finder. Her did the Tennessee association do that. I'd love to

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