Lionel Richie’s son Miles signed to top modeling agency


Lionel Ritchie son miles. Okay. So Lionel Richie. The oldest child that they he and his first wife had was Nicole. But they adopted Nicole. Yes. So his son with his second wife and his daughter with the same wife is so FIA who goes out with Scott Disick. She's nineteen just turned twenty nineteen. I think yeah, he's thirty. It doesn't seem like the most healthy relationship between two people that one in the his son miles is twenty four and he's just signed on with Wilhelm Nina's men's division. He'll be at chosen fashion weeks is also hosting a party this season. And he made his modelling debut earlier this year when he walked in Brooklyn show. He's really good looking and he looks like Lionel Richie. Okay. I'm here for a young, Richard. He's very

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