Gossip Girl Vet Penn Badgley's New Netflix Show Looks Creepy


Seeing. Panna badgley from gossip girl around doing some rounds. And he's got a new show called you and lifetime like Sunday night. So yeah, it's an interesting show. It starts off like it's going to be sort of a hallmark channel rom com. You know, sweet little drama. Bookstore clerk and hot girl. Meet cute between the child. Okay. And then you find out that the guy is a creep. He's a soccer and it gets really freaky. Pretty fast. And I don't I watched the first episode. And I thought this is interesting and he's really good. And so she I can't think of her name. But. And I don't know where it's going to go with getting renewed for second season. But he's like a scary like wholesome soccer. So and and it's toltar- hits perspective is he he's talking directly to the audience. So it's very different swing than we're used to seeing on lifetime channel. And I think people who like to be scared by you know, realistic situations. The deals with the tech world, right? Doc once you get into people's computers. And so it's definitely for the modern age and the performances are really good again. I don't know if I wanna watch ten hours of it. But I certainly was hypnotized by the first hour, and I'm gonna watch more than all,

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