Investigative reporter Brian Ross leaves ABC News


Of the military the president's visit comes one week after governor justice met with trump in the of waffles to discuss plans to revitalize west virginia's coal and timber industries at trump's last stop in the state he took aim at us senator joe manchin on immigration and a no vote on a tax reform package passed by congress last year mansion a moderate democrat is seen as a potentially pivotal vote for trump soon to be announced nominee for the us supreme court after justice anthony kennedy announced his retirement last week for npr news i'm dave mistake in charleston west virginia the president met with with four potential supreme court nominees yesterday each is a judge on a federal appeals court trump says he'll announce his choice next monday hundreds of homes in northern california are under threat from another large wildfire burning out of control this one broke out three days ago when rural yolo county west of sacramento it's black and more than sixty thousand acres a cal fire spokesman says high winds are making it difficult for crews to cut containment lines smoke from the fire has moved seventy five miles south to san francisco large wildfires are burning in eleven states amid hot dry conditions mostly in the western us two men are expected to plead guilty today in california in exchange for lighter sentences in connection with the warehouse fire that killed thirty six people that fire broke out during an unlicensed concert in oakland nearly two years ago defense attorneys say derek meena and max harris will enter guilty pleas in exchange for prison sentences of less than ten years each federal prosecutors in wisconsin are charging a community activists with plotting to fire bomb a milwaukee police station that followed riots two years ago mardi michelson with member station w w m reports on von maize maize is charged with attempted arson and illegal possession of a firearm after a criminal complaint says he planned to use molotov cocktails to bomb the sherman park police station in milwaukee police clashed with protesters in that neighborhood for two straight nights in august of twenty sixteen it happened after officer dominique hagan brown killed seville smith during chase according to the complaint may started discussing the plan the day after the riots ended and witnesses say they saw as building the bombs the complaint says maze eventually called off the attack because word was spreading and too many people knew about it he's due back in federal court on thursday for npr news i'm marty michelson in milwaukee e this is npr news news from washington abc news investigative reporter brian ross is leaving the network after twenty four years as npr's eric diggins reports ross's departure follows his suspension earlier this year for an erroneous report involving president trump's former national security advisor in his time at abc news ross's went emmy peabody and poke awards but after reporting in december that michael flynn would testify that donald trump ordered him to contact russian officials before the election ross revised account of what his source said he's not clarifying that saying according to flynn candidate trump eskin during the campaign the find ways to repair relations with russia and other hotspots ross was suspended for weeks without pay an abc news apologized for the air now the correspondent and his producer rhonda schwartz are leaving the network saying in a joint statement they are quote hardly leaving investigative journalism without specifying where they might work next eric duggan's npr news search teams in tyler land say now that they've located a youth soccer team and their coach inside a cave complex the challenges deciding the best way to get them out the group disappeared more than a week ago after the cave was flooded by heavy rains the twelve boys are said to be weak but otherwise ok officials estimate there between one and two and a half miles from the entrance there are two matches today at the men's world cup soccer tournament in russia sweden takes on switzerland followed by colombia against england the winners advanced to the tournament quarterfinals yesterday belgium and brazil advanced i'm dave mattingly npr news in washington support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include e c m c foundation working through improve postsecondary educational outcomes for underserved students through evidence based innovation learn more at e c mc foundation dot org.

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