'Jersey Shore' star Deena Cortese is expecting a meatball of her own


The dirt on mytalk did you want to tell me some of these is on the august cover of british vogue she looks fantastic by the way and in the accompanying interview oprah is talking politics responding to rumors again about political run saying she could not exist within the current political structure so she's not running for office everyone i thought we'd already done this i thought we'd already done this too but she felt the need to address it again and additionally oprah's talking about the metoo movement oprah says people talk about these are such dark times but what if we shift the paradigm because i see differently oprah noted i see isn't that remarkable remarkable that we're waking up yes oprah it is remarkable that we are waking up i love how oprah has the power to turn things that feel hopeless into full on hope but right now all i can focus on is how donning she looks on the cover isn't it and also the photos on the inside the magazine she was styled by the magazine's editor in chief so check that out oprah looking studying he looks amazing on the cover a august british vogue and she's saying good things yes i'll roseanne barr claims she's fielded several offers since being fired from the roseanne reboot in may on abc she was on the rabbi shmole podcast and she says she feels very excited because she's already been offered a lot of things and she said she almost accepted one really good offer to get back on tv she added i might do it but we'll see one can only imagine i wonder i don't know yeah i i i wonder if that how much of that is true and how much she's bluffing say i'm so popular like heist somebody's gonna stash me up if you don't you are she's leveraging a little bit could be you never know dina from jersey shore has a little hole in the oven dina and her husband chris buckner announced today on instagram the expecting their first child a baby boy at the end of the year and of course dna from jersey shore she was featured on jersey shore family vacation earlier this spring with a second season premiering later this summer she and christopher mary last year i feel like this means because you know they're they're doing a whole family vacation franchise with the old jersey shore people maybe she'll be sitting the next one out i don't know maybe maybe they're the little meatball will be joining them that's a whole different type of family vacation well the meat balls not going to arrive until the end of the year so assuming that they've already filmed the second right family you know television kind of works that way i know i forgot was already who knows paul here's what i do know is that we'll have to tune into jersey shore family vacation later this summer to find out all the exciting news on tv and finally drastic world fallen kingdom made another sixty million dollars when the box office for the second straight weekend the incredible to finish second with forty five point five million dollars and the scarborough sequel day of this whole dotto came in third with nineteen million dollars very predictable also all probably or at least partially thanks to the heat in minnesota this week and the rain exactly that too i forgot about that right.

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