EPA's Pruitt takes heat in restaurant over environment policies


Epa administrator scott pruitt the latest trump administration officials to be harassed while dining out the new york post reports a sixth grade teacher from suburban dc confronted pruitt as he was finishing lunch yesterday at a restaurant a few blocks from epa headquarters the woman says she urged pruitt to resign because of what she said he's doing to the environment appropriate aide says the epa chief thanked the woman after she spoke her peace and he and his lunch companion left the white house says secretary of state mike pompeo will again meet with north korea leader kim jong un white house press secretary sarah sanders says pompeo and kimball discuss coming up with a plan that will further denuclearization pompeo will leave on thursday for those talks police have now identified the man whose body was found along the shore of the mohawk river in schenectady schenectady police say the man found dead is forty year old ronald johnson of schenectady johnson's death is not considered suspicious johnson's body found by the reverend richard carlino the pastor of saint john's the evangelist and saint anthony's churches carlino found the body what he went to work on his pontoon boat jim gangway already.

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