Ben Shapiro says free speech is limited on college campuses


You know and and i talked to lots of students who said you know kind of in that vein you know yeah you you know we're caricatured as just being a delicate delicate little flowers but you know when people make arguments that they perceived to be white supremacist arguments that those arguments have consequences and you know i mean just the basic idea of stereotype threat is that you know if you activate the part of a person frame that makes them feel inferior there are measurable consequences you know they do worse on tests and all that sort of stuff so you know again the things can be measured this is the contention and look i mean if it's not it's not without precedent in the world you know if we believe i mean you know if we believe that the sort of basic underlying premise of a university that ideas are important i guess have value ideas have consequences in the world you know there's no logical reason that that idea can't have consequences obviously you want to weigh that against something else so what the kind of power point of view the jeff is not that because something has harm you know you just run out and ban it obviously you know again having his background in the aclu he's he's not pro banning anything he he's sort of making the case that things should be weighed in contention with each other and i think one of the most powerful points he makes us that brown v board one of the most celebrated supreme court decisions in our history is explicitly drawing on this this legacy of psychological harm being a constitutional ethical concern right and it really stood out to me too and your reporting that our understanding of psychological harm has really developed in modern times in recent years and that needs to be factored into this discussion yeah i mean it's you know in the same way that you know in in sort of english common law the best you could do was thorough witnesses to a crime and that was kind of the only evidence you could bring to bear they didn't have fingerprints they didn't have dna they didn't actually know that i witness testimony was scientifically dubious at best so you know to think that legal principles can't be updated as as knowledge increases i think just shouldn't be taken all that seriously you also referred to conservative pundit ben shapiro's campus lecture berkeley how is he different from milo yiannopoulos he's different than about a million ways i mean they they dislike each other personally they have a kind of personal rivalry going back many years i mean you know this is ben shapiro is often referred to as all right for a pharmacist or a knock the impact ben shapiro is an orthodox jew who you know was the number one target of of twitter abuse from what premise during the runup for the twenty sixteen election he was never trump guy now he's he's extremely conservative and he has many views that the majority of berkeley students detest but the fact that he is sort of lumped in with the nazis despite the fact that he goes around wearing a yarmulke every day i think makes it easy for him to kinda point out some of the hypocrisy of his critics and it's an easy way for him to score points with his audience and ben shapiro has declared that there's a campus free speech crisis in the us what is he basing this on there is evidence for that and there's evidence against that so he's you know he's not the only one who makes this claim i mean there are a lot of people making this claim including a lot of progressives who say you know every other day i hear some news story about a campus that is erupting in controversy over speaker this is crazy why won't these kids stop being so thin skinned and just let people speak and i think there's evidence for that proposition and evidence against.

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