2 more suspects arrested in case of teen killed in brutal Bronx attack


In the brutal murder of a teen outside of a bronx bodega twenty six year old gabriel ramirez concepcion is charged with murder manslaughter and gang assault in the machete attack against the sandro junior guzman phillies authorities believe the murder was a case of mistaken identity which is further outrage a community a nine suspect twenty nine year old diego swear oh of the bronx was also charged in the case on tuesday all ten men arrested in the case so far are believed to be members of the violent trinitaria gang the nypd says they had to add extra staff to the crime stoppers tip line because they received a massive amount of tips related to the case three children from guatemala were reunited with their mother on tuesday after the family with separated at the us mexico border sean adams of the tory from east harlem they hugged and cried guatemalan immigrant yanni gonzalez spent about an hour and a half with her three children the first time she has seen them in six weeks since being separated at the us border whoa.

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