Apple could add face recognition to new iPad, update Mac Mini later this year: top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo


Assistance voice voices are associated with colors which google says are chosen at random tf international securities analysts meanchey quo member he moved he's now there has more predictions for apple this autumn quogue believes apple will ship a twelve point nine and eleven inch a ten point nine inch but an eleven inch ipad pro with faced id nobody they'll also ship chip upgrades for mac books i mac and mac mini finally getting a refresher and he thinks they're going to do a new low price laptop new apple watches would have a larger one point five seven inch in one point seven eight inch screen and enhanced heart rate detection and he thinks they'll finally ship airpower as well as those updated air pods that bloomberg was talking about remember this is all just close prediction although he other pretty good track record previously he has predicted apple would ship three new iphone owns two of them with screen so kind of like to iphone tens and then one with an lcd screen he wasn't the whole point of quo movie into his next post to be less apple news i don't know i heard a lot of people say that i feel like that was just a red herring i don't know why i didn't believe that was like really he's not going to do yes all right let's talk a little bit more about magically visit real scott tell us don't we took a leap into the magic fray today and watched a little bit of the twitch stream from the folks at magically we learned a few things but not a whole lot what we do know for sure though leading into this was at and t announced wednesday that's today that it has reached an exclusive agreement to sell products from reality company magically in the us so they are going to be the place you get this stuff you go to an at and t store if you would like to get a magically headset magically one is scheduled to ship to developers this summer when when it becomes available to the public at and t will initially so magically.

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