Snapchat lost three million users in Q2 2018


Cova Boris Johnson to be suspended from the parliamentary party because of his criticism of Muslim face fails to leading companies are being broken rules about advertising, junk food to children, and a service of commemoration is taking place in northern France to Mark the centenary of the battle of annual which proved a turning point at the end of the first World War. The BBC news is read this morning, but Chris Aldridge there's mounting pressure from within the conservative party for Boris Johnson to apologize for his comments about berkers cobs in a newspaper column, the former foreign secretary wrote that Muslim women who wore the full face veil, looked like letterboxes or Bank robbers. Theresa May said Mr. Johnson should say, sorry, but others have gone further. The founder of the conservative Muslim forum has said he should lose the whip meaning he would no longer represent the party at Westminster, our political correspondent. Jonathan Blake reports in his Daily Telegraph column. Boris Johnson argued against public ban on the burqa. And kneecap as has been introduced in Denmark but the language used his prompted criticism from opposition MP's groups representing the Muslim community and some senior members of his own party speaking on this, program the culture secretary, Jeremy Wright said it was reasonable to have a robust debate about the burqa but mister Johnson's language hadn't been helpful advice to Boris would be tough this conversation by all means and. To give his point of view in, a robust way but to make sure as a public figure the language he's using doesn't cause offence if it doesn't have to the conservative peer, Lord shake went further saying Boris Johnson should be thrown out of the parliamentary, party for what he said a. Source close to Mr. Johnson said he, would, not be apologizing and it. Was ridiculous to attack his views in this way nearly a month since he quit his foreign secretary over the prime minister's Brexit strategy, Boris Johnson's comments. On this topic have again demonstrated his capacity. To prompt debate and division within the conservative party And. Beyond the advertising standards, authority is up held. Complaints against KFC and Kellogg's for advertising junk food to children new rules, banning adverts of foods high in fat. Sugar and salt to under sixteen came into force last summer KFC apologize saying it's advert had been mistakenly place near school, catalogue says it has reduced the sugar in, it cereals the president of the Royal. College of pediatrics and child health professor Russell Vajna told us more needed to be done to address the rules as I stand only applied to children's. Programming which is a pretty small amount of the television that children watch so the real issue is family television viewing it's the way children watch TV with their families before the nine o'clock watershed when they watch. The big programs the x factor Britain's got talent and that's where we need to get new restrictions in place The I recall petition for British MP opens later this morning. Voters in north Antrim are being asked whether the DUP's Ian Paisley should face a, by election, after he failed to, declare family holidays, paid for by the Sri Lankan government is currently suspended from. Westminster on. The legislation introduced two years ago constituents. Can sign a petition to unseat their MP if they've committed misdemeanors, more details from our correspondent Emma Vardi paisley went on three luxury holidays at the expense of the Sri Lankan government in two thousand thirteen. He later lobby David Cameron then prime minister, on the country's behalf after this came to light last year the. Parliamentary standards committee concluded Mr. paisley was guilty. Of serious misconduct the recall petitions open at nine o'clock this morning and Mr. Paisley's north Antrim constituency if over, the next six weeks that signed, by ten percent of constituents it will lead to a by-election The rules allow for petitions to. Be opened up to ten locations and there's been criticism of the electoral office by Xinfei over the. Decision to open just three Mr. paisley has insisted he will fight any by election to save his Westminster seat. In Indonesia a. Hundred and, fifty people are now believed to have. Died as a result of the two, strong earthquakes on the island of Lomborg an estimated seventy thousand people have been left homeless rescue teams are still searching for survivors one Red Cross worker. Said that in some villages on the island every house had collapsed and, roads and bridges have been destroyed Elon Musk has said. He's considering taking the electric car company tesla back into private ownership the billionaire said he'd secured the more than seventy billion dollars needed to buy back the. Shares trading and tesla was briefly halted on. The new York Stock Exchange after the announcement the chairs eventually ended, the day eleven percent up Kim Gittleson reports from New York Elon Musk has had a difficult. Relationship with stock market investors he's been particularly angered by the so-called shortsellers who've made record bats on the ultimate collapse of tesla Mr., Musk's tweet that he was, considering taking the electric carmaker off the market and back. Into private ownership caused an immediate spike in, its share price before trading was halted and it threatened no same. Shortsellers with big losses Mr. mosque followed up his tweets with a letter. To the company in which he said that while no. Final decision has been made he believes taking the company private would create the environment for tesla to operate. Best if tesla has taken private at the price Mr. musk suggests it would be the. Biggest buyout in US history the latest financial results for the photo and video sharing. App Snapchat show it's lost three million users in the last three months Snapchat. Had one hundred. Thousand eight million daily users in, the last quarter, down from one hundred and nine Ninety one million. In the three months before analysts say Snapchat is facing strong challenges from rival such as Facebook and Instagram Argentina's Senate will vote, later on whether to legalize abortion in the first fourteen weeks. Of pregnancy currently is only allowed. In the case of rape or if the woman's life is endangered or South America. Correspondent Katie Watson reports from Buenos Aires the fact that this vote is, even taking place is a big moment for Argentina campaigners have been fighting, to legalize abortion for more than a decade here introducing bills to congress on seven separate occasions until now they've got nowhere but. The, growing strength of the women's rights movement has. Had a big influence in pushing the issue of, abortion the, political agenda however Catholicism still holds a powerful place in Argentina it's the birthplace of the current pope after all since June when the lower house narrowly voted in favor of allowing abortion religious groups have. Been campaigning hard to ensure the Bill doesn't become no, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to hold a vigil outside congress Throughout the debate to people have been rescued after yacht collided. With a cargo vessel off the coast of Dungeness in Kent the coastguard. Received a mayday call from the York just after four o'clock this morning, crew members both thought to be uninjured a project is beginning to locate all of the public defibrillators in England, Scotland it's known. That, there are tens of thousands of the machines. In stations public buildings offices and shops but ambulance, crews and, nine nine nine operators often don't know where they are the British heart foundation is creating a database of all the sites so that when people collapsed they can be offered potentially life-saving help for more quickly Theresa May and Prince William will be among two thousand guests attending a ceremony in northern France to Mark the centenary of the battle of annual the battle marked the start of the final major offensive of the first World War helping to bring about the. Honest in November nineteen eighteen correspondent Daniela Daniela Ralph is there the battle of Amazon was the beginning of the end of World War One not as well known. As the battles of the song more passion Dale it did the start started the, hundred day offensive toward the armistice it gave the is physical and psychological superiority over Germany today's commemoration will tell, the, story of Amazon through diary extracts letters and poems that you could Cambridge, will give the opening reading, at the ceremony and meet, the, descendants of those who fought the event will. Recognize the importance of all the allied nations who made such significant gains on the eighth of, August nineteen eighteen it will also remember the brutal impact The battle had on German. Forces described by one general as the blackest day for the German.

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