New York state revokes approval of Charter-Time Warner Cable deal


One WG, y cloudy seventy eight degrees at NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one WG y the national. Weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for south, western Schenectady county northwestern Albany county southern Scott Harry county and south central Montgomery County that it will expire at five thirty, just, before, five tonight, a severe, thunderstorm was, located near Ten miles south of Cobo skill moving northeast at thirty five miles per hour. Sixty mile per, hour wind gusts and quarter-sized hail again severe thunderstorm warning for south western. Schenectady northwestern Albany central scary in south central Montgomery counties which will expire tonight at five thirty former, assembly speaker Shelby silver has been sentenced to. Seven years in prison silver convicted in a retrial in may on public corruption charges, prosecutors had been, asking for, silver to get more than ten years behind bars WG y political corresponded Ken love it says he. Was not expecting the shortened sentence If. Anything maybe. The judge retake a couple of years off maybe Recount the retrial that he had to go through so I won't. Fifty five, out of out of a from a twelve year sentence so I I was surprised. That this was. The second time silvers been convicted of these charges the jury decision the first time was. Overturned by supreme court ruling in the lead up to this. Sentencing silver had written a letter. To the, judge saying he prayed he would not die in prison Charter communications who spectrum brand is the largest cable provider in New York has been ordered to submit a plan for handing over its cable franchises in. The state to, another company the order by the public service commission came after the PSC. And the Cuomo administration, said charter had been too slow in bringing. High speed internet access to one hundred and forty five thousand addresses in mostly rural parts of the state charter which was, supposed to make the connections as part of its merger. With Time Warner Cable says it's made eighty nine thousand new connections and is ahead of schedule the PSC says the company. Has made under fifty nine thousand hookups and is behind schedule Diane Denaro NewsRadio eight. Ten in, one or three one WG wise second quarter gross domestic product numbers showed the US. Economy hit on. All cylinders as April to June growth numbers far surpass the first quarter GDP numbers and. Posted a four point one percent increase President Trump credits his. Policies for the strong showing and He wants to keep it going by increasing growth to three percent over the next ten years that would mean twelve million new American jobs and. Ten trillion dollars of new American wealth at least the Commerce Department says it was the best showing by the economy since the third quarter of two thousand fourteen twenty two years. To life in prison sentence for a comedy man found guilty, of two counts of attempted murder twenty Jordan Brzezinski was convicted in April of July twenty seventeen incident in Albany where he fired eleven shots from gun at four. People near the, corner of Larkin Hamilton and hit two of them prosecutors say Brzezinski did. Not know the victims, all of whom survived Wall Street today Martin. To Carol has our Bloomberg market minute this Bloomberg market minute on WGN wise presented by Boucher financial group four CFP's one, CPA this is expertise you can trust this is a. Bloomberg market minute the US economy grew by more than four percent last Quarter but investors were occupied with company news the Dow lost seventy six points the NASDAQ dropped one hundred fourteen. Points and one percent for the week the SNP shed eighteen Intel announced it will delay. The roll out of a new chip technology until late next year shares lost eight and a half percent Twitter says active users increased nearly three percent last quarter but it expects those numbers to drop as it intensifies efforts to clean, up its platform.

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