At least 2 dead, scores of homes lost as fire sweeps through Redding


Cheri Preston a terrifying night in the northern California community of reading where people had to run for their lives from a fast moving wildfire Teams are. Racing into the city of. Ninety thousand people. Homes have earned a bulldozer operator was killed overnight the fire chief saying it's an extremely tough fight as we mourn the loss we also battle Fire that is moving extremely quickly and a radical into western at one point overnight firefighters and residents for trapped by walls of. Flames in the neighborhood Cal fire says there have been people. Burned they don't know how severe late Alex stone ABC and what appears to be the. Fulfillment of an agreement between President Trump and dictator Kim Jong UN North Korea has handed over to South. Korea fifty-five flag-draped cases believed to hold the remains of US soldiers. Killed in the Korean. War estimates are that there is many a seventy seven hundred Americans who are. Missing from the Korean war, fifty three hundred of those are expected to be inside of North Korea that's ABC's Elizabeth McLaughlin the remains will go to Hawaii for identification reaction to claims. From Michael Cohen, President, Trump's former personal attorney then candidate Trump was aware of. Two thousand sixteen Trump Tower meeting with Russian. Officials offering. Dirt on Hillary Clinton before it happened to president. Rights on Twitter this morning quote no I did. Not know of the meeting. With my son Don Jr. sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories. In, order to get himself out of an unrelated jam that an apparent reference to Cohen's own legal issues has prosecutors in New York examine whether Cohen committed financial crimes Karen Travers ABC. News the White, House the second quarter was. A good one for the economy Commerce Department reports gross domestic product output of goods and services rose at an annual rate of four. Point one percent that's the fastest pace since two thousand fourteen. And President Trump is expected to talk about it at the White House within the hour. You're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed KOMO news six oh to Friday it's the comb morning. News so the sun's starting to shine woman up to about.

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