Best from NFL training camps 2018 - What you need to know


Here's Paul Rogers buffalo bisons ended the Louisville bats nine game winning streak last night on the streak in six years buffalo scored four runs in the first two innings chipped away, but. Came up just short losing the game four to three. Did not take the reds long to figure out this wasn't going. To be their night to swing and a high, fly ball to right s. one as well hit urban back. Track wall and Carlos Santana. With a two. Ron hall Rhonda straightaway right and a big start for the, fills, tonight in Cincinnati three runs in the first, inning seven home runs by, the, time, it, was over Philadelphia blast of the Cincinnati Reds nine to. Four Suarez did, it a, home run for, Cincinnati that's, the fourth straight, game he's done that. But the reds have lost six of their last eight cubs trailed six to one rallied, with a three run ninth inning and, beat Arizona seven six Chicago lease by two and a half games over the brewers, who? Also rallied late they scored five runs the last two innings. Tweet San Francisco. To five the as stay. Red hot they. Finished up a four-game sweep, with, a seven six win at Texas it's a six. Game winning streak. Overall for Oakland who was gone twenty seven and seven the, best record during that span. Of time over, the last month or so well the NFL training camps are opening up all around and the Heisman Trophy winner and number one pick Baker Mayfield signed up and is anxious to get going in s Cleveland I'm a teen I guy I won't go into details. About. The contract or anything like that but I wanted to. Be here I'll just say that that was first and foremost that. Was the main priority for me so Baker Mayfield, Cornell is the backup but says that's not as mindset he. Intends to be the starting. Quarterback at Cleveland. Will he be the guy who finally lasts a while as, a, quarterback at Cleveland right that has been the, death to they're no doubt, about, it I mean house I coach keep his job anyway I, still Cornell no. No no no no you Jackson That's right yeah. Yeah, he's, been, this, what. Is thirty Maybe. It went three. Games last year All right. Thank you seven twenty eight at NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. s. Jason Nathanson it's going to break out the box office and more about. Seventeen minutes from ABC news in Hollywood so join us, for some entertainment news on the way but, first news about our money citizen. Man Bloomberg money update with Mark mills Ford shares yesterday dropped below ten dollars for the first time since two thousand twelve down six percent on the day to close, at nine eighty nine after Ford slashed its profit forecast for the year and warned it could spend as long as five years and eleven. Billion dollars in charges to fix it self Reuters reporting that Toyota plans to expand production and shrink. The cost of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles Twitter shares plunging seventeen percent in early trading after an earnings report. Showed a decline in monthly active users second quarter GDP figures due out at eight thirty Wall Street. Time this morning and President Trump predicts the data, will show that the economy is interests shape amid forecast that growth. Top four percent of the second quarter the fastest rate since Two thousand fourteen Amazon dot com reporting better than expected earnings in. The second quarter and forecast more of the same in the current period stock index futures indicating a. Mixed open on Wall Street while European shares are, rallying with the NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a..

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