Michael Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian attorney


NBC News Radio I'm Lisa Carter there. Are reports President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen claims Trump noon advance of a meeting. With rations offering dirt on Hillary, Clinton, according, to, a number. Of news organizations Cohen said Trump approved going ahead with the, June twenty sixteen meeting involving Donald Trump junior at Trump Tower. Trump junior's attorney says it's not true the. President's attorney says Cohen is not credible he's under investigation for paying off women claiming to have a fares with Mr. Trump NBC. News correspondent Tracy, pots on Capitol Hill one in three migrant children are still separated from their parents with. No clear sign when they'll be reunited a court filing says there are still more than seven hundred children in government constantly that are. Unable to, be reunited with their, parents anytime soon the White House says North Korea has returned the remains of dozens of. American soldiers killed in the Korean war A US air force, plane, carrying, the, potential. Remains accompanied by. United Nations service members and technical experts from. The POW MIA accounting agency arrived at Osan airbase in South Korea today a formal repatriation. Ceremony will take place on August, the, first, the, White House. Called this action a significant first step and the repatriation and, search for the remains of an estimated fifty three hundred Americans. Who failed to return from the Korean more. Matt cook reports the remains will eventually be taken to a defense department lab in Hawaii for scientific testing new evidence suggests Russian. Hackers are busy, trying to tell this year's election the news website Daily Beast conducted a forensic analysis it. Says shows a Russian intelligence agency trying to hack Missouri democratic Senator Claire mccaskill campaign but is one of the harshest critics of Russia..

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