BP pays $10.5 billion for BHP assets to beef up U.S. business


Six zero one on Wall Street we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg s. And p futures they're up about two points now Dow futures up thirteen NASDAQ futures up twenty five Dax in Germany's up four tenths, percent can Paris up two tenths percent Footsie-100 up six, tenths percent Nikkei two twenty five in Japan gained six tenths percent the Hang Seng in Hong Kong up about. A tenth of a percent ten year treasury up to thirty seconds yield two point nine six percent yield. On the two year two point. Six seven percent NYMEX crude oil down three tenths percent or twenty one cents to sixty. Nine forty one a barrel COMEX gold down six tenths percent or seven, dollars eighty, cents at. Twelve twenty. Seven fifty an. Ounce John we. Begin with earnings from Amazon the company shares are four percent in. Early trading after profit that more than doubled projections Emily Chang has more, from our Bloomberg nine sixty newsroom in San Francisco, Amazon, earnings NIST Alice Estimates on revenue and the revenue forecast but massively on earnings in part driven. By cloud growth and growth. The company talked up the prime program as always and said that it's whole. Foods that's really. Driving a lot of new prime memberships also talked about having the biggest prime day ever despite that big technical glitch. Bloomberg is also reporting that the Pentagon is very close to issuing this winner-take-all contract for its cloud business and that that really favors, Amazon Emily Chang Bloomberg San Francisco Emily thank you here's, of Intel plunged after its earnings report the stock sound five percent in early trading after signs at chipmakers growth. May slow that's despite second quarter results that topped estimates an entree Novon covers Intel for Bloomberg intelligence across. The board this is a good. Quarter now you have the preface that from an expectation standpoint AMD printed an MD just. Do, the cover off the ball so on a relative basis maybe expectations, that are, mismanaged, by Remember that Intel has ninety eight point. Five percent share for example in the data center, market in AMD has one point five so we named the more. Room to grow Emily Intel stock falls this morning shares of AMD are up about three percent we have a couple of energy deals. To tell you about BP has agreed to pay ten and a half billion. Dollars for most of HP Billiton's onshore US oil and natural gas assets the acquisition as VP's biggest since, one thousand nine hundred nine and includes land, and the prize, Permian, basin the. World's fastest growing major oil region at the, same time Chesapeake energy as the greatest sell its Utica shale assets in Ohio too. Closely held Encino acquisition partners Chesapeake will use. Nearly all proceeds from the two billion dollar deal to pay. Down debt that has shares. Up fourteen percent in early trading the two biggest oil, companies in the US report earnings today Bloomberg's Jeff Bellinger reports. Exxon Mobil Chevron will post, their second quarter results Bloomberg intelligence Says ExxonMobil's positive free cash flow will more than. Cover its dividends but the company will hold onto its cash. Rather than, buy back shares it may be too early for Chevron to. Restart by backs but executives may offer some guidance, on the timing. And size of the program analysts think Exxon will post. A profit of a dollar twenty seven a share on revenue topping seventy one and the third billion dollars chevrons profit is projected to come in at two dollars and eight cents a share. On revenue of nearly forty six billion dollars Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg daybreak Jeff thank you it's a big day, for USA conomic data with the first reading on second quarter, GDP due out at eight thirty Wall Street time I kinda messed forecast growth will come in above. Four percent Bloomberg's Vinny Del Jude is reports it's been almost four years since US economic growth top four percent with rapid growth be sustainable, economists had their dads about the rest of the year Bloomberg. Economics CS a variety, of special. Factors at work in the second quarter. Data additional The. Impact of White House trade policy, could derail growth in the months ahead in the, first quarter GDP slow to two percent pace one more thing that surge. Growth back in two thousand fourteen it was a five point, two percent gain any chewed ice Bloomberg daybreak thanks for let's head over to Asia. With the Bank of Japan's today offered to buy, an unlimited, amount of bonds for a, second time. This week the central Bank is looking to table rise it yields let's come amid speculation it could adjust its alter loose monetary policy move from the b. o.. J. a series, of. Stimulus steps. From China this week and earnings they were all in focus during today's trading session in Asia Bloomberg's Juliet Sally as details from our. Singapore bureau Japanese equities climbed for fourth day shrugging off a. Decline in the mirror holdings following. A prophet slide intensifying speculation about tweaks to the, Bank of Japan's stimulus program so, a ten, year yields briefly trade about point one of a percent. Against the j. target of around zero but they slipped in after noon trade is. This Central Bank unleashed another unlimited. Bond purchase offering stock index is in China and Hong Kong. Tick Loa the off show, you on bouncing off its weakest level in. More than. A year in Singapore I'm Juliet Solly Bloomberg daybreak Juliette thank you on the trade front US Trade Representative Robert lighthizer says a. Tentative NAFTA. Deal could be reached as soon as next. Month that, would be the deadline. Favored by Mexico but lighthizer, says there's still, hurdles to overcome and talks with Canada US relations with China meanwhile show no signs of improving. Lighthizer splaying down the prospect of a trade agreement with Beijing, at the, same time a top Chinese trade official. Railed against the US trade strategy calling it extortion and China is now expressing. Regret over Qualcomm, decision to scrap its takeover of semiconductors it's an apparent attempt to. Avoid blame at a Chinese regulators failed to rule on the deal more than twenty months after it was announced, s&p futures up a point basically. Is Bloomberg daybreak Six.

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