Smart bots: China's sex doll makers jump on AI drive


The new movie from the national Sousa death of a nation deals with many many. Many, many many controversial issues of the current moment and in recent, history as well it does not deal with anything about the rise of sexual bots or machines in general but the, new, movie, is, opening August third, you, can, find. Out all about it at death of a, nation, movie, dot, com and you, can, watch the. Trailer for yourself it really is about the phony charge that is constantly labelled leveled, and, conservatives, that, somehow conservatives a, Nazis, have, some. Kind of tie well not so go to death of a nation The movie dot com Meanwhile, speaking with Jay Richards he's the author, of the human advantage the future of American work in. Age of smart machines it's posted right, up at our website the the son over in Great Britain for the British for some reason or completely obsessed and fascinated with his idea. Of, of sex robots they they have featured, sex robots on TV which are really very creepy looking and extremely extremely non alluring the. Opposite of lorraine's Dr Johnson one said it is the antidote to desire and. That's kind of it but here's the headline on the son of. From July twenty four so it's, right now silicon, lovers rise of sex robots blamed for turning Japanese people into endangered species as more and more men turn. To Randy romping androids is there any hope for the survival? Of human on you Even Bonking I. Can I don't know if we say bonking we just did Jay What? Do, you think. Is is, there such a thing as, a Randy romping Android oh absolutely not I mean at least at the moment, these are really, expensive sex dolls that do some things kind of like humans the very expensive. And here's American company that's doing them in, the head is ten thousand. Dollars if you want the whole head and body it's about sixty thousand dollars and so I mean, the. Reality. Is that. This is a fairly well off men playing with them boy okay, let's, here but the point is when you get to a Randy romping Android, yes? Randy, implies that this. Is, a machine that is. Going to, want pleasures right candy, machine feel pleasure no and certainly these can't I mean this is the thing. Even even the most speculative question these, new exactly what's happening with these, things, now they are participating in machine learning so they're. Going to gather data alas from the users and. Probably get slightly more realistic but this is essentially a three Dimensional or really four, dimensional form of pornography in. So far as you can rewire your brain by spending time with pornography now men mostly men will, not. Only. Be doing. Now whatever that does to your mind they'll be embedding it in. Their, muscle memory so I really do think these things are widely used I. Think? That, you could at. Least, in some cultures end. Up with, the cultural catastrophe I, do think that cultures that really do this honestly may end up not reproducing. Themselves so the maybe a selective disadvantage, to cultures that use these things, one, eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six is. Our phone number if you were Raising children and you are what what should kids expect how should parents prepare their kids for some of the changes, that are going to, impact our. Lives regarding artificial intelligence I would say. Make them maximally flexible so if you imagine in your own case you might think well I went to college for four years in, done born less the same. Job for forty years that's going to be much harder to pull. Off because things are so disruptive things I mean you just think about the. Change, from LP's when I was a very little kid long playing records to now we, don't even have a physical medium we stream. Music now just think about that and even think about. It's speeding up so that if you do something that's hyper specialized your job what you've. Trained for maybe obsolete and so I had vise my children I be do the basic. Things do basic liberal arts where you become numerate and literate and. Articulate and then also confer on yourself a. Specialty of some sort so. Maybe learned finding In accounting and, philosophy do both of, those things. And that's what I advise you when. That's just graduated from high school and going to college do something like that Jay Richards the author of the Uman advantage the future of American work in an. Age of smart machines A quick word from relief factor Michael from Connecticut writes. In,.

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