Bacteria can be used to turn type A blood into universal type O


Get a load of this researchers at the university of British Columbia. Thank they figured out, how to take other types of blood and converted issue universal donor type, remember it. Used to, be a we really need O-negative we really need a, positive, we really need okay basically they found. A specific type of, enzyme in our gut that's really, good, at picking out sugars that a. Different proteins, all his matters because things called antigens. Would cause us to have different, blood types simple sugars here's what they did they took that, bacteria Korea made it attack other different types of blood cells remove, those things. In the end what. They get is typo So basically if you give we've. Got a universal blood type they just. It doesn't matter it makes it makes it. A lot easier now to give it's like breaking bad. And Bram Stoker's it's all mixed in together from? Gut. Enzymes this is a lot? To follow at six fifty. One I'm right in front of you might face isn't okay what does it all, mean then it, needs. Pretty soon we're going to be able. To take. Any type? Of blood converted to the universal make blood shortages non-existent the bottom line of all? Of, this that's. Great.

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