How to recall an email in Gmail after hitting the send button


As there ever been an Email that you wish you could take back immediately. So the story behind that is g mail has been running. Its undo send fee for emails. You've been able to only on the web. Have you been able to. Take it back in Email, just maybe mere seconds after you send it like you realize that feeling of dread when you might have said too much out there. So you're able to press the undo button quickly. And then you know, in many cases, if you're dealing with another g mail client, then you can do that immediately if you're doing with another Mike hotmail or something like that and might take a few minutes. So that kind of suspense still hangs around. But yeah, that feature has moved onto Android now. So it's a good thing, I guess. And there are plenty of emails that I wish I could've taken back in my time throughout. I've never had that because if I'm going to say something that I would want to take bag, it's going to be through text. It's going to be through some sort of messaging. I don't think I would ever send something that could come back to me in a bad way in an Email. I don't think I've ever done that before very permanent. I mean for me it was emailed that you use to talk to professors or something, and you used to do that in a harried rush just before class when you're sending something and send the wrong file, you send the wrong, whatever the heck. So like for me in terms of typing something on my phone and just saying and not making all because autocorrect has screwed you over really good today. Yeah, that's that was the case for me. So I wish that undue send could have undone whole bunch of if you get an Email from me and the word ducking is in there, I meant it for for it to be in there. Okay. Brendan is, is the undo send future godsend for you? It is. It is a godsend. Accept that. You have a window of like ten seconds who who sent I want. I want a window of like seventy two hours because I can't think of a particular example, but I've set my wife emails in the past that I, I was telling her something I didn't. I didn't agree with or something that bothered me. And let's just say it put our relationship into a tailspin and I wish I hadn't sent it. But you know, there was no undue sent.

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