Jon Hamm, Ed Harris & Lewis Pullman Join ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Team


Where. Are you guys ready for the. Top gun sequel oh yes Val Kilmer Nineteen July, two, thousand nineteen is the release date now they've added. Some more. Talent Jon Hamm Lewis Pullman Ed Harris are going right? Into that. Danger zone Yes. It is now reportedly during the cast. Top, gun maverick the plan sequel of the eighties? Top crew Tom Cruise. Classic. Also joining will be Chicago justices. Monica Berar Barbara will be there as well now do you know what the plot is under she had no clue okay here's, what, is. Going to be it will focus on cruises. Character being an instructor at the. Flight school in, taking, in the Senate of goose under his wing oh Dave you're asking will there be a volleyball. Scene Shirtless oil yes they will just. For. You they, will volleyball seen just for you Well you asked It's going to happen. Just for you there will be an. Extended volleyball scene you get. The director's cut it. Goes, on forever Five minutes Forever we'll Kenny Loggins beyond the soundtrack as. He said he. Was, approached okay Yes we'll see if he can wipe out Poos corner one more. Time

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