Kylie Jenner Reveals She Got Rid of Her Famous Lip Fillers


Thought to have a breaking story coming in raleigh just do in my left ear piece here let me okay okay good good good here's what we know so far kylie jenner kylie jenner of the car dashing plan okay let me see oh i can confirm this she has had all of the lip filler removed what kylie jenner has had all of her lip filler remove credible apparently the reason behind the enhancement in the beginning she had really small lips and she said it was like one of my first kisses in the guy was like i didn't think you'd be a good kisser because you had such small lips so that's what she got the filler apparently that was back in two thousand twelve yeah but again this is coming in fast hang on a second jerry called shut the front door and showed up to the back door currently she's had all according to sources had all of her lip filler remove one than she was just really the best use of our collective time willis you'll no longer be a celebrity then she'll no longer be a social media influencers she'll just fade away i don't know how we predict while she was she was the outcast in the kardashian family nobody paid attention to her until she got the filler then she became a celebrity on twitter and instagram and snapchat because of the lip filler her big pouty lips yeah is what got her all of the attention she has it's like samson cutting his hair i think this is a sign of growth to me it to me it shows her coming into herself and i don't know what kind of growth yet on her lips you because i wrecked anyway what we know so far and again details are sketchy in these stories are subject to change the details changed rapidly kylie jenner has had all of her lip filler removed hey don you're when news breaks break in i'm don prior newsradio klbj thanks necessary donna thank you very much folks.

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