Woman who accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of groping breaks silence


From the big stories on wcbs good morning i'm mac rosenberg three things to know at two forty five one the lone survivor of the friday crash that killed the father and his four daughters from teaneck new jersey is their mother family is from teaneck the five were killed when a truck crossed over a highway median and collided with their minivan to oxygen levels are dropping inside the cave in thailand were twelve boys and their soccer coach are trapped ficials say a rescue mission is now underway three and ninety five year old grandmother was found dead following a fire in canarsie brooklyn saturday anna barthelemy lived in the basement of the home and explosion was heard before the fire officials are still trying to determine a cause machiavelli and that's how lawyers for president trump described former fbi director james comey a confidential memo last year to the special counsel robert muller includes that description along with describing call as dishonest and unbounded by law and regulation ap obtained that memo which shines a light on the president's continued efforts to discredit the former leader of the fbi who could be a crucial witness against the president in the special counsels russia probe letter was written in june of last year it's not clear how the president's attacks on komi have resonated if at all with robert muller's team canadian woman says she was groped by prime minister justin trudeau during an encounter eighteen years ago and that trudell later apologized rose night confirms she is a reporter who is referenced in an editorial article back in two thousand saying she was groped by trudeau while covering a music festival in british columbia night is not taking any further action against the prime minister trudeau says he remembers that encounter differently to forty six a wcbs a us supreme court ruling last week will make it more difficult for unions to collect dues from people who don't wanna pay now in new york state lawmaker has a plan to circumvent that decision if the unions can't collect dues from everyone they represent they were in trouble well the gannon's decision is part of a long running effort to destroy both public and private sector unions in this country manhattan assemblyman richard godfrey thinks this is about worker fairness protecting collective bargaining and union representation is fundamentally important he's proposing a measure that would have management pick up the union tamp so the question is this with tax payers eventually pay that bill the management side would say we're going to be putting your next million dollars into collective bargaining costs to the union we don't want to put his much money into wages it's unclear how that would go over peter school wcbs newsradio eight eighty well they're called man of war potentially deadly portuguese jellyfish that are watching up on beaches in new jersey on was found on the shore of wildwood crest down in cape may county on thursday just one of several men of wars reported in southern new jersey beaches in the last few weeks jellyfish experts say it's not necessarily an uncommon occurrence our the jellyfish is are usually in rough condition when they wash ashore because they've taken a tumble in the surf forty eight wcbs traffic and weather together on the eighth glenn crespo talking about delays easing up a little bit on the georgia oh looking pretty nice heading inbound to the upper level the george washington bridge yeah right now this report sponsored by spothero ten minute delays three right lanes are closed for construction to the upper level that'll be until ten am southbound ramp to the palisades interstate parkway is closed from the tolls to the george washington bridge until ten am for roadwork lincoln tunnel we have construction closing the center tube until eight am construction on route eighty east and westbound between exits fifty four and fifty three the right lane is closed both directions until six am bayonne bridge closed both directions until three pm for construction and finally here's a way you can save time parking use spothero anytime you park first time users can enter promo code city for ten dollars off spothero park.

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