President Trump, Fox News and Ohio discussed on Garden Show


Little more than a year as tributes pour into Senator McCain President Trump. Didn't mention him during a Republican dinner last night in Ohio he also chose not. To talk about recent developments pertaining, to the special counsel's investigation no mention of this past week legal issues that is administration's facing is the, president spoke. To, the Ohio Republican party state dinner in Columbus Friday night. Instead the focus was all about the midterm elections in November he sounding upbeat about the, GOP holding on to power on one side. Of Capitol Hill but sounding About the other side I, think the Senate is going to be a, big surprise the houses probably. Tougher we have so many people running the latest Fox News poll has Democrats ahead in the generic congressional. Vote Joel NATO Fox News, accord appearance, for the former head of the c. d. c. a judge has ordered former. CDC director Tom freidan to surrender his passport and to stay away from the woman he's accused of groping at his New York home last October his accuser is. A fifty five year old woman who knew him a statement released earlier. On his behalf says the allegation against him does not reflect his public or private. Behavior or his values Fredin is, due back in court October eleventh Lisa lacerra Fox News the number of dead is up to at least, nineteen in. Northeast, China where a fire ripped through a resort hotel the. Cause of that fire now under investigation late last year a fire at an apartment complex, in Beijing Killed nineteen people it was, blamed on faulty wiring Campobasso FOX.

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