Bus driver fired after telling man he wasn't picked up because he's black


After a three alarm blaze at a three family home in everett on friday everett fire chief tony carly says it all happened very fast fight came in about ten to the this afternoon report of a fire at fifteen street my deputy called off with the working fire fire showing first engine company made entrance with a line to the second floor met with heavy fire we believe the hallway flashed on them injuring two firefighters transported to mass general resident rescued from the third floor was also injured and released from the hospital following the scandal involving a racist slur by papa john's pizza founder number of ball teams are suspending their relationships with the pizza chain the texas rangers baseball team and the new york yankees are some of them cbs's austin york has more on the fallout in the wake of the scandal involving a racist slur by papa john's pizzas founder john schneider the rangers have decided to suspend all promotions and advertising deals with the company smu communications professor steve lee says he's not surprised but says often this can be difficult stadiums poolside inch there's everything in programs and all that so it's not a i'm going to turn it off and it just doesn't run tomorrow he believes the pizza chain will survive the scandal the university of louisville has already announced it will remove the logo from its stadium and the miami marlins are also suspending their relationship austin york for cbs news dallas massachusetts bus driver is fired for telling a wouldbe passenger that he wasn't picked up because he's black the martha's vineyard transit authority says the exchange was caught on video wednesday afternoon the transit authority says it has zero tolerance for that type of behavior transit officials say the bus was travelling from edgar town to oak bluffs when the driver past the person the man took an uber and after catching up with the driver and asking why he was passed by the exchange happened wbz news time six oh seven we check business news with bloomberg and charlie pellett if you've been traveling lately you've probably noticed there is a building boom going on at airports where it record air travel right now and i mean airports just have to be able to handle this amount of travelers so they're expanding and run innovating facilities jeremy hill wrote the story for bloomberg news laguardia's undergoing and eight billion dollar expansion and lax is currently undergoing about a fourteen billion dollar makeover some other big projects are in denver dallas and orlando and as frequent flyers know this summer you're seeing packed planes and busy airports a lot of this is just spend lowfare so it's been really cheap to fly recently in large part because of low fuel prices now that's changing a bit surprised oil is increasing one airport trade group says american airports could need a hundred billion dollars in infrastructure upgrades and maintenance through twenty twenty one i'm charlie pellett bloomberg business on wbz newsradio ten thirty i'll former boston globe employees who accuses the newspaper.

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