Maryland voter registration vendor financed by Russian oligarch


Am six thirty washington small wma i'm james stanley so big changes coming for some retirees governor larry hogan announced in a joint statement with presiding officers of the general assembly on prescription drug helpful retired state employees this came in response to state pension reform lawmakers approved in two thousand eleven as part of that retired state employees eligible for medicare will be moving from the states prescription drug program to the federal medicare part d program in january i'm lee graham on one zero five point nine fm and am six thirty washington small wma al to maryland officials say fbi officials have told them that a computer software company that maintains part of the state's election boards voter registration platform was bought by a russian investor in two thousand fifteen without the knowledge of state officials miller and bush say while the fbi didn't indicate that there was a breach they were concerned enough to ask the state's ag to review the existing contractual obligation of the state maryland officials may be announcement just hours after the justice department released a grand jury indictment against a dozen russian military intelligence officers for computer hacking offenses during the two thousand sixteen election in an effort to help then candidate donald trump miriam bowser has issued a first ever veto rejecting legislation that would allow high school seniors absent for more than six weeks of class to still graduate the washington post quotes browser as saying wednesday at the bill undermines the city's effort to promote attendance in schools the dc council pass the legislation a dozen to one in june public disclosure forms show supreme court nominee brett cavanaugh is not as wealthy as many justices who already said on the high court documents from two thousand seventeen show the federal judge has a retirement account balance of about a half a million dollars in other investments of about sixty five thousand dollars about fifteen grand on a loan and the equity of his home in chevy chase maryland that's a little more than a million dollars total wealth wma all traffic now from the carpet cleaning traffic center checking the roads this morning that's construction on the beltway loop but connecticut avenue two left lanes getting by that work zone virginia three ninety five out northbound right before shirley to the circle two left lanes blocked right lanes are moving through and some delays on sixty six westbound just past leesburg pike only one far right lane gets by that construction now from garage door repair dot com.

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