Florida man with no arms charged with stabbing man with scissors


West palm beach with your five o'clock update i'm ron hersi it's eighty seven degrees eighty degrees in lauderdale lakes a hearing featuring controversial fbi agent peter struck broke down today allow dispute among lawmakers mr struck you are under subpoena and are required to answer the question are you objecting to the question if so please state your objections to chairman i object in a house hearing struck cited advice from fbi lawyer saying he could answer questions about the ongoing investigation of russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election do not believe i'm here under subpoena i believe i'm here voluntarily i will not based on direction of the fbi to me i will not answer that question veteran virginia republican rob goldline threatened him with contempt new york democrat jerrold nadler loudly objected struck was called to justify about exchanging anti trump text messages with a former fbi lawyer lisa page during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign struck has expressed regrets about the text but said personal opinions have never affected his work president trump at first lady melania trump or in the united kingdom as they continue their overseas trip gala dinner at l palace in england earlier president trump held an impromptu news conference about the nato summit in brussels and remarked he asked the authority to pull the us out of nato but the commitments he's received during the summit make that unnecessary those claims to speak muted by french president emmanuel macron during that press conference morning trump said some allies have agreed to increase defense spending to two percent of their gdp at a much faster clip but macron says that is not entirely true and he says that they confirmed the intention is to meet the goal of the two percent by twenty twenty four charges against adult film star stormy daniels being dropped in ohio daniels attorney michael avenue says misdemeanor charges of illegally touching a patron dismissed this morning daniels was accused of allowing customers to touch her doing a routine at a columbus strip club last night that is against ohio law and a man in miami i'm homeless man who has an artist and has no arms is accused of stabbing a chicago man with scissors using his feet fifty w tells karen curtis has the details fortyfiveyearold armless artist jonathan crenshaw used a pair of scissors he held with his feet to stab the victim earlier this week on south beach the victim was sent to the hospital with a wound to his arm crenshaw's claiming self defense and was charged with aggravated battery gut our website a fifty w f t l dot com to see a video of crenshaw painting with his feet karen curtis news talk eight fifty wt al worth man accused of gunning down two people in west palm beach remains behind bars county judge denied bond for hip alito for guelleh this morning for guela facing first degree murder charges for the june twenty four shooting deaths of justin moyer and crystal riviera victims found in a car outside a convenience store at okeechobee boulevard and military trail us army corps of engineers resuming water releases from lake okeechobee releases resume tomorrow into the collusive and st lucie estuaries core officials say the water level at the lake is approaching fourteen and a half feet up more than one and a half feet since the two eighteen low of mid may the water will be released in pulses they say aimed at simulating rainfall florida ranked fifth among the best states in which to retire the rankings are from the financial website bank rate dot com florida ranked second for weather behind only hawaii i'm ron hersi newstalk eight fifty w f t l this report is brought.

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