Wimbledon 2018: Anderson defeats Isner in 6-hour semifinal


The phillies open their final series before the all star break tonight as they visit the miami marlins phillies held off the orioles last night down in baltimore five to four that raise the record of fifty two and forty and they come into play tonight alone in first place in the national league east now tonight in the series opener in florida jake arrieta will throw for the phillies the veteran right hinder six and six three point four seventy ira miami counters with lefthander way in chen who was two and six within era six point one four phillies lineup tonight against chen sounds like this cesar hernandez leads off at second base and then it's reese hoskins in left field trevor plouffe in right field bats third followed by carlos santana at first base got kingery at shortstop poor hey el faro behind the plate michael franco at third base aaron altair will be in centerfield tonight batting eighth and ariana bats ninth it's a seven tenth start tonight down in miami phillies luis garcia will begin a rehab assignment tonight with aaa away high valley garcia recovering from a wrist injury elsewhere in baseball l a dodgers infielder chase utley will hold a press conference this evening multiple reports that the former phillies star will announce he is retiring after the two thousand eighteen season utley thirty nine years old hitting two thirty one this year for the dodgers tennis at wimbledon in men's semifinal action john john is ner and kevin anderson played the longest final match in wimbledon history anderson advances to the final after winning in six hours and thirty six minutes anderson wins seven six six seven six seven six four twenty six twenty four now anderson will play the winner of the other semifinal between novak djokovic and rafi and they all that match going on right now jovic won the first set six four nee doll leads the second set five three that's sports matt leon kyw newsradio thanks so much up next on news radio there's a new pop up shop and it's all about serial so we have a serial flavor ice cream we have actual customer cereal bowls cake climate ask i'll tell you the flavors that are sure to take you back to your have news.

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