Nancy Sinatra Sr., Frank Sinatra's first wife, dead at 101


The ad council she met him when he was just an up and coming singer now nancy sinatra the first wife of frank sinatra has died fox's gary bomb garten has the story nancy sinatra was the first of frank sinatra's four wives she was also the mother of sinatra's three children like her legendary husband the first mrs frank sinatra was also a native of new jersey they met on the jersey shore in one thousand nine hundred thirty four when sinatra was a relatively obscure singer they were married from nineteen thirty nine to nineteen fifty one and just days after their divorce sinatra married wife number two glamour girl ava gardner antsy sinatra senior dead at the age of one hundred and one gary von garten fox news well as of today there's legalize sports betting with an easy reach of new york city the betting now taking place at the jersey meadowlands home of football's giants and jets a supreme court ruling cleared the way for sports wagering outside of nevada and already some new yorkers are making the trek to bet on their favorite teams well there's a change for women in the navy as we hear from fox's rachel sutherland women in the navy can let their hair down ponytails and other hairstyles are now permitted changing a longstanding policy that had forbidden it sailor yeoman first class with toya jones made the announcement this past week emails sailors were dinner dress uniforms will be allowed to your hair in that falls below the collar shirts jackets and co many black women had asked for grooming standards to be changed the new policy also allows lock hairstyles in rope like strands in wider hair buns in washington rachel sutherland fox news startling discovery in egypt archaeologists have found a mummification workshop near the country's fame pyramid south south of cairo the also discovered a shaft uses an ancient burial place the site is twenty five hundred years old located in egypt's first capital i'm rocker starring fox news radio for heat and humidity for sears we head through the weekend afternoon readings expected to be in the nineties all the way into the start of our business week sunshine here this afternoon window ninety s partly cloudy tonight low seventies fix of clouds and sun hot and humid sunday widely scattered late afternoon or evening showers and storms possible tomorrow mid nineties tomorrow afternoon better chance to see some showers and storms monday and tuesday i'm ken boone from the weather channel for talkradio six eighty wcbs no there's water everywhere dad a pipe broke my carpet we need a plumber fast does plumbing we need somebody to clean up this water and runner ruder does water cleanup find a phone and all.

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