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Rally with her husband musician john legend and their two children as far as the president he repeated his position on twitter writing when people come into our country illegally we must immediately escort them back out without going through years of legal maneuvering ronaldo telo is the new acting director for us immigration and customs enforcement telo has been working as acting deputy commissioner of us customs and border protection replacing the retiring thomas homan an investigation is underway after a campus parking officer at cal poly pomona was fatally stabbed as he said inside his truck and the assailant was fatally shot a short time later by police los angeles county sheriff's lieutenant john corinna says the suspect was a custodian at the school he looked out of it and when they went to contact him well the witnesses said he started fighting with toxic eighty was those drugs had mental issues we don't know yet the attack occurred friday afternoon the names of the victims and suspects were not released west point is getting a new superintendent the first black officer to command the us military academy since it was founded in eighteen o two lieutenant general daryl williams will take over his the academy sixtieth superintendent in a ceremony tomorrow originally from alexandria virginia williams has served as the deputy chief of staff of the us army in europe and commander of nato allied land command williams is a nineteen eightythree graduate of west point you're listening to the latest from nbc news radio voters in mexico head to the polls the national election is expected to swing mexico's sharply to the left many campaigns across the country of violent over one hundred thirty mexican politicians have been killed since september including forty eight candidates by gangs and criminal groups attempting to control local politics the elections also of mobile is young voters nearly half of mexico's seventy two million eligible voters are under the age of thirty nine research confirms what many already believe about exercise and weight management api herald with more.

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