US ambassador to Estonia resigns in frustration over Trump


It's six thirty gmt this weekend from the bbc world service still to come what can we expect from president putin's meeting with president trump after a thousand kilometer road trip in russia james kumarisami reflects on who he's met in what he's learned and we'll hear from graham nash as in crosby stills nash that's all here all weekend with me julia summary of world news bbc news with jerry smith canada's foreign minister says the country will not back down in the face of new us tariffs but there's no one to escalate the trade dispute with his closest neighbor either christina freeland made her comments has canada unveiled new tariffs on twelve billion dollars worth of us goods the airline virgin atlantic has said it will no longer work with the british government to deport people who believes to be illegal immigrants campaign is say it's in response to the wrongful deportation of caribbean immigrants who've been in britain for decades president trump says he will announce his nominee for new supreme court judge on july the ninth the vacancy arose when justice anthony kennedy announced his retirement earlier this week the us ambassador to estonia is resigning reportedly in frustration at remarks by president trump about america's european allies james dean melville revealed in a facebook post the mr trump's comments had brought food his decision to retire other us diplomats have also their posts early in recent months us intelligence officials believe north korea has increased production of enriched uranium for nuclear weapons in recent months despite the thought in pyongyang's relations with the us and south korea a report by nbc news quotes a number of unnamed us officials are saying that north korea has several secret nuclear sites the knockout stage of the football world cup gets underway today when franz face argentina it'll be the first eight matches over four days across russia in addition to the hosts former winners brazil argentina england and spain are through to the final sixteen leaders from swaziland's lgbt community say they going ahead with the country's first gay pride march today despite what they say threats from conservative and religious groups to disrupt it male homosexuality is illegal in swaziland bbc news.

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