Trump, Helsinki and Congress discussed on The Income Strategies Show


A way that they haven't an I'm speaking about the Republicans in particular and put a little. Bit more pressure to, kind of I, don't wanna say box him in but certainly allow him maybe toe the line a little. Bit more than he's been doing I don't see it I mean logically you would think. That Republicans would see what's going on and voice objections but a lot of these Republicans are very mindful of polls that. Show that ninety percent you believe that ninety percent of all Republicans support Trump in fact a majority, of Republicans said they thought, that Trump press conference in Helsinki was great that he did a wonderful job so I think that the Republican base is so pro-trump that for Republicans in. Congress to go after him would be suicidal the other thing that this brings up a Greg in the time, that we have in this segment we. Don't have a lot but we're going to. Continue the conversation and I'd like to get your take on where this leaves. The Chinese and particularly with respect to their currency policy we were talking last. Week about the fact that the set the reference rate very low last week right now we're. Trading at six seventy eight fifteen that, is the offshore currency against the dollar we'll have.

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