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That Fox News host, Sean Hannity announced that he would interview Roseanne Barr on Thursday. Roseanne will be making an appearance in Manhattan that same night at stand up New York to perform a live podcast with rabbi shmole ditch the celebrity rabbi already interviewed bar since she was fired from her ABC show. After posting that too controversial, tweet urged people to forgive her security will be beefed up for the occasion with the venue, bring in two bodyguards and bar is a poor to also be bringing her own security. Well this is just I I don't like this because I've long been, waiting to hear from Roseanne but I think that the and I would think that she would be savvy enough that she needs to go outside of her camp or outside of folks that would be either as naturally sympathetic, to her or, be Subscribing to her same ideas and they kind of the same ideology I you just can't listen I'm a conservative guy you cannot go right Hannity for this we will get nothing out of this hard It's. Such a softball Ryan you were a victim Why did I choose what's an. Eastern alerts climate Roseanne You heard. It. Here first David Steve sorry I lost my temper relax CBS drama, Madam secretary secretary announced that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright, will appear. In the season five premiere of Madam secretary series star tea Leoni tweeted she was incredibly honored to have the former real life secretaries on the set while the episode won't air until, October fans have. Some information about the guest stars roles in the episode secretary of state Elizabeth McCord played by Leoni turns to the former secretaries of. State to ask their advice, on, how. To, respond to a delicate. Situation Tuesday's Drake has postponed his Saint Paul show for eleven days to give fans. The show that they quote expect and deserve in a statement on his social media accounts the. Singer confirmed that, his August first show at the XL energy, center is, going to, be pushed back to August twelfth it is now the second stop Drake's Aubrey and the, three migos. Joint tour with rap three amigos which has been thrown into disarray following the arrest of migos member offset on gun and drug charges so Drake said on Twitter in order to deliver, a high standard. Experience that Drake fans expect and deserve the tours made the necessary decision to slightly adjust the beginning of the the three amigos schedule If you weren't going to the show anyway KiKi Do you are you, right TBB Doodoo, sorry I'm adding nothing to this story on TV. Tonight we have the third season finale of colony on USA and on hip hop squares on VH. One we have that as..

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