Trump's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame vandalized: police


By once upon a child the Hollywood walk of fame is trending right now it appears that President Donald Trump star on. The Hollywood walk of fame was. Vandalized smash to pieces by and a pickaxe this, is not the first time it's been vandalized destroyed last October by a sledgehammer but a suspect is in. Custody according to local reports of the most recent vandalisation Michelle, Williams is trending. It sounds like she is joining Sam Rockwell and Fosse inverted inspired TV series it's her first, regular role in the TV series since Dawson's creek shell Williams and Sam Rockwell we'll play Gwen Verdon and Bob. Fosse whose relationship shaped the Broadway musical genre. And a hot highlight for equality Williams at Rockwell will be. Receiving equal pay this show is going to be a limited series on FX Dead what is trending. Eleven years after the series ended its three season. Run HBO just announced that it has green lit a. Movie that will continue the story of the lawless western outposts no. Word on when that movie will. Begin production to be released dead wood is common, that's Sheni here at my and now we'll take a quick look at your channel five eyewitness news weather. Forecast for the day we're going to have scattered thunderstorms throughout, the day but. It looks decent outside right now by the mytalk weather window high of eighty low of sixty, then tomorrow big cool down high of seventy to fifty eight mostly cloudy skies currently it's partly sunny but we. Have a chance of showers and thunderstorms in..

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