Judge says government on track to reunify families split at border


Is. NPR news Six fifty and before we bring, you the California report Joe McConnell is standing by with more about. The Wednesday morning commute Joe might be troubles on six eighty and Alamos southbound north of stone valley road a, report of, an injury collision there and blocking the right lane westbound ninety. Two foster, city boulevard another crash the eagles are on the shoulder ambulance on. The way as precaution not sure. If anybody's hurt yet the Dumbarton bridge toll plaza westbound of stall reported their action at a stall bits of debris flying around with yellow caution tape and your, where it came from but it's affecting. Traffic slowing things down Joe. McConnell for, KiKi, Dee. All right Thanks Joe his report is brought to you by compassion international and he'll update us again just before the. Top of the hour the time is now six. Fifty one good morning this. Is the. California. Report I'm penny Nelson national park officials are shutting down a part of Yosemite valley due to a massive wildfire. Burning just miles away the closure is expected to last through Sunday and is forcing the cancellation of at least a thousand. Hotel and camping reservations Cal fire. Spokesman Richard. Egan, on the Ferguson fire it's hard to say time-wise if or when it will reach the park but it is. Getting closer Sam campers are staying in parts of the park that have not been closed including these visitors from Mexico wherever Care more. About the bears than about the fire the fire now, covers more than thirty seven thousand acres. And is twenty six percent contained meanwhile the trader Joe's employees killed during a. Shootout with police Los Angeles, suburb on Saturday was struck by an officers bullet LAPD chief, Michael Moore made the announcement at a press. Conference yesterday KCRW's Jenny Hamill has more store manager Melita Corrado died when two LAPD officers exchanged gunfire with twenty eight-year-old gene Atkins after he crashed the. Car he was driving and ran into the trader Joe's in Silverlake LAPD chief more shared this with the public I'm sorry. To report that we've now determined through. Our forensic investigation that one of the ostrich rounds struck, MS Khurana as she was exiting, the market it was in close proximity to active chief Moore said the, two officers involved in the shootout were devastated by the news I know that it is every officers worst, nightmare to harm innocent bystander during Violent engagement the LAPD released videos of the incident Moore said he is waiting for the investigation to. Be completed before determining whether any action should be taken against the officers involved but he. Said, he's confident their actions were justified for the California report, I'm Jenny Hamill in Los Angeles onto the border story now a San. Diego based federal judge says a large number of parents, separated from their children at the US. Mexico border appear to be unaccounted for and may have been deported KiKi Dee's. Alex Hemsley has the update, at a hearing yesterday judge Dana Sabrina criticized the Trump administration, policy that resulted in over four hundred parents. Being deported without their children he ordered the government to provide more information about them attorneys for the government say they're still trying to locate those and. Other parents who may be lost in criminal custody somewhere in the US the ACLU represents the parents it's asking for a. Stay to give them more time to. Consult with and their children before resume Zooming deportations, league learnt is the organization's lead attorney. On the case a critical point is that baby given time to discuss as a family what they wanna do their face with. Momentous decisions about whether leaves their child behind whether to continue fighting as. A family they need time together of the two and. A, half thousand separated children more than sixteen, hundred are on track to be reunited with family members by the courts Thursday deadline the parents of at least nine hundred of them are facing, imminent deportation, for the California report I'm Alex Emslie, finally people. With intellectual disabilities are seven times more likely to experience sexual abuse compared with others that finding was. Revealed in an investigation published by NPR earlier this year. The series showed a hidden epidemic of abuse occurring in schools homes and treatment facilities k..

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