Laos dam disaster leaves 24 dead, scores missing


On NewsRadio seven eighty five point nine FM w BBN WBZ news time to forty one the news watch continues a woman who. Thought her father's ashes were interred in his crypt in Ohio twenty five years ago has learned that they were at a funeral home. Instead Marianne Tarasco says someone else's ashes were inner father, Donald hop IX. Crypt she says the funeral home call to tell her that her father's, remains were found in a box in a funeral homes archives the funeral home says. It was not at fault and says it was under. Different ownership when Tarasco his father. Had died and auction later today will feature the home owned by civil rights activist Rosa Parks this was the house in Detroit where Rosa Parks. Lived with her brother her brother's wife and their thirteen children now, has a chance, to purchase the. Home Arlan ettinger is the president of the auction house currencies Harrison is it. Versus small too Story twenty three foot by twenty three foot. Structure house has since been taken apart so that it, can be easily, transported to wherever new buyer would like it to go at underestimates the, house will sell for one to three million dollars Michael Cohen for CBS news Detroit. Hydroelectric dam has fractured in Laos leaving an unknown number. Of. People dead and hundreds missing Rescue efforts are underway off. The hydropower dam in the south east of Los collapsed on Monday releasing large amounts of. Water that swept away houses, flooded villages a made more than six thousand people homeless later report on the state run newspapers website said Wolfe had overflowed the dam rather within bursting it photos and videos posted on social media people sitting on rooftops to escape the surging water the news agency KPL says the disaster had claimed several human lives. And left many, missing I'm Charles de LA desma a transgender woman who's incarcerated at a men's correctional facility in northern Illinois is again suing the state. Seeking transfer to a women's prison beyond strawberry Hampton claimed she suffered abuse in several nail facilities hamden to sue the department of corrections multiple times and has been transferred to four different facilities in. The last year Hamptons attorney says abuses continued regardless of. Where her client has been set, after an settled a lawsuit in January against members of the Menard, Correctional Center a separate Suit against pic de Ville Correctional Center officials will be heard in March of twenty twenty Hamptons serving a ten year burglary sentence Jim got News Radio. On one zero, five, point nine FM if you try in my feelings.

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