Long work week may up diabetes risk for women


One five keys l. why new study and you might like this if you're a woman and new study finds, that women should. Work thirteen hours fewer. Than men each week I'll take it you're okay with that and I'll start now Okay no but seriously why well they say you should work amac's amac's four hours okay and they're just saying, that women just. Can't do what men. Can do is basically It does not say that it saying because it sounds sexy that I But it says because women do more outside of work than men that. They just don't have enough energy to do all the hours men seriously, they're taking, on more responsibility at home and with the kids on average of course there. Are exceptions to that rule because this is. Where we're at right now I think that women are still in that is there still the idea out there. That women are the primary caretaker of the children and that men work but the reality is that women are also, fifty fifty for the most part contributing. To. The income of the family which means they are working fulltime jobs right and then you come home and you have. Your doing picking kids, up from school or from, daycare wherever they are you're doing the laundry you're doing making the dinners you. Packing the, lunch is you're taking them to and from. Their sporting events I mean I'm not saying that dads don't do that a. Lot. Of that responsibility falls on the mom and keeping it all together, right, and, we're working full-time very rare that you hear the dads say oh no We have this going on in this going. On. In this going on like in the calendar the mom typically keeps, it, all Yeah I mean, I think women on, average are more organized than men Any any any study will show of course exceptions, any study will show, you know that, men, aren't into the little. Details the big picture stuff and they're like oh I forgot to do I mean Kelly every week, I prefer get to. Do. Fifteen thinks, he's asked me to do right and she remembers everything Women are naturally like that again, exception, to every rule it. Falls on, the women because women just do it a second nature and the guys are like works, for me sometimes yes Do. It yourself versus reminds remonstrating so while, I don't think women should not, work as much as men I I understand where they're coming from yeah in the study is out of Australia they, just said to avoid. Workplace burnout a max of thirty four hours but men can work up. To forty seven hours because I guess men are. Doing They get me though You do stuff I think you probably. Do, more than, average yeah but I I know guys home and the first. Thing they come home they crack a beer which is what I would like to be, able to sell beer sit down on the, couch and they're like where's? My dinner and who where do you think? That's, coming. From here exactly. Right so, we'll see I mean I wouldn't advise any woman to. Go, to their boss I. I heard a study That ain't gonna happen I mean. If, you wanna leave early We all worked too much we do we all, were, I don't think at the end. Of, our life like man. I wish, to work more hours yeah Got to got to move our job it's a, little, different because it's a lot more. Fun But people don't, think that we work a fulltime job. Yeah I think it's six to ten a little bit and he's not going to. Appreciate this I think my husband falls into that category Your home by twelve right Three o'clock My wife Hannah did that to me. This week I texted her like one o'clock and, I said I'm must. Be nice I worked eight hours People that is a that happens a lot late they say must be. Nice we joke about that must be nice by twelve day were you? Awake, at three. O'clock and you've already worked a full matter fulltime. Job what are you going to do all your. Other friends or at work yeah so far exactly, what just walk around. The mall by herself Go to the mall to walk right now which is why it. Is my pet peeve and we do have a sales rep in here? Right, now staring..

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