Obama delivers veiled rebuke to Trump during Mandela address in South Africa


Hello this is the globalist coming to you live from dory house in london i'm georgina godwin on the show ahead victor auburn arrives in israel for a controversial visit we ask what this meeting of rightwing minds means for the jewish population in hungary prime minister theresa may narrowly won a key brexit vote in parliament last night we'll bring you the latest wranglings over britain's attempts to leave the european union then it's one hundred years today since the birth of nelson mandela and his life has been celebrated in events all over the world that's what we need just need one leader we don't just need one inspiration what we badly need right now is that collective scoop that's barack obama the former us president addressing huge crowds in hannah's berg yesterday we examined mandela's legacy with one of the key antiapartheid campaigners all that business in japan the changing face of air travel in africa plus a flick.

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