Most expensive Chinese movie ever bombs, was pulled from theaters in days


The people she does higher don't show up for the first day of word scrapie it's not just new orleans those type it's been tie for some time karl borsch craving is the director of the school of hospitality business at michigan state university he says the worker shortage in the hospitality industry is nationwide we don't treat these positions professionally enough you have to demonstrate the house fatality is is a honorable profession there's some pushback as to whether there is a labor shortage meg maloney is a line cook and a member of the new orleans hospitality workers organizing committee her thoughts on the shortage how ridiculous it is new orleans is predominantly african american and black unemployment in louisiana was roughly nine percent in two thousand seventeen maloney says the real issue is that owners aren't doing what it takes to hire and retain employees these restaurants are guilty of not investing in their workers they don't train people they don't offer training they pay us poverty wages but expect extremely high performance the louisiana senate recently voted against a bill that would have raised the state minimum wage from seven twenty five an hour to eight dollars an hour in two thousand nineteen in new orleans i'm lane cup levinson for marketplace a sura is chinese fantasy film the most expensive chinese movie ever made is also one of the biggest flops in the world ever according to courts asserts a fantasy film that cost a hundred and thirteen million dollars to make brought in just seven million in it's opening weekend it was pulled from theaters after three days the us of course has had its share of flops the biggest flop on record is sinbad legend of the seven cs which lost one hundred and twenty five billion in new york i'm sabrina short with the marketplace morning report from apm american public media this marketplace podcast is brought to you by the united states postal service every day we talk about how innovative companies are reinventing the way business happens but none of that's possible without the right people to enable it people who

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