Cosby is 'sexually violent predator': Pennsylvania board


Fifty five to ninety five we don't have any problems and the. Bridges are okay just if you're on the Commodore Barry, bridge eastbound only the left lane gets by mass. Transit all right next update less than ten, minutes I'm Stevie reason the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center This is reporter's roundup there's been a recommendation from these sexual offenders Assessment Board, regarding comedian Bill Cosby and his sexual assault conviction but Gumri county where, does it go from here covering the story and joining us earth suburban bureau chief Jim Melwert given what we know about this Steve paperwork filed by the Montgomery County DA's office. As a psychologist with the sexually offenders Assessment Board has assessed, Bill Cosby to be a sexually, violent predators, spokeswoman for the DA's office says under the law they officers required to. Notify the court that they do intend to. Pursue that the DA's. Office was requesting a hearing prior to sentencing for the court to, make a, determination Cosby already faces a lifetime of registration under Megan's. Law filing conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault. But if the court determined sees a sexually violent predator again if the court determines that there. Could be. Additional treatment while in prison also. Additional community notification if and when he got out of prison Well some aspects of that law influx Pennsylvania supreme court ruling and then attempt at a fixed by the state legislature Cosby sentencing is scheduled right now for September twenty four twenty fifth he's currently on. House arrest in his home in Elkins park regarding the sexually, violent predator filing his spokesman says simply we'll see them in court Steve Harris suburban bureau chief KYW's Jim Melwert with us on reporter's roundup New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy tweeted about what he called a new era of fair and equitable school, funding for his state there was an official ceremony in cliffside part be David Madden covering and he joins us on reporter's roundup of the story, David walk into tell us Steve you could safely say. This was a long time in. Coming this Bill Senate Bill two which proved to be the. Difference in approving the state budget begins to correct that decade long problem of some growing districts being shortchanged while others. Saw, their populations stay stable or even, reduce a little bit, yet held onto what was supposed to be temporary funding under earlier reforms governor Murphy and signing this Bill in, north..

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