Trump targets Obama-era critics' security clearances


Casey foundation This. Is all things considered from NPR news I'm Ari Shapiro and Audie Cornish we're following a number of stories unfolding today here in Washington there's the recent release of previously classified documents related to the surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser but first we're, going, to dive into news out of the White House, this afternoon, that the. President is considering revoking the security clearances of former national security officials and pure Justice reporter Ryan Lucas here in the studio to tell? Us, about these developments hey there Ryan going to start with the security clearances White House. Press secretary Sarah Sanders came out today, to say, the president is, exploring ways to take away clearances for, for several. Senior officials who are they well these are some of, the, top national security officials, of of the past several years you have, former director of national intelligence James Clapper former FBI director James, Comey the former FBI deputy director Andrew, McCabe, you have the former national security. Adviser for President Obama Susan Rice Then two former, CIA director's Michael Hayden and John Brennan here's. A bit of Sanders explaining why the president is exploring the mechanisms to remove security clearance because. They've politicized and in some cases monetize their public service insecurity clearances now Sanders also accused them of. Making baseless accusations about improper contacts with Russia and maybe the most recent example of that sort of criticism came from Brennan who is Bama CIA director Brennan called Trump's performance at the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin quote nothing short of treasonous, let's, talk more about the release of those documents related, to the, surveillance of..

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