Odell Beckham will report to Giants camp on time

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Talk about other wide receiver. Odell Beckham junior was back in March. Kinda felt like man is a really good chance that Odell Beckham junior is going to hold out as he seeks a new contract. He's gonna play this season under his rookie deal. It's gonna pay him about eight and a half million bucks, but he showed up for many Cam. He participated in most of the giants off season program and word is he is going to be there tomorrow when the New York Giants begin training camp. Here's a Jordan Renna on ESPN NFL giants reporter on sportscenter last night, talking about what Dell showing up the giants training camp means he's doing all the things giants. Ask them shown up minicamp showing up to OTA's. Now he's going to show up the training camp. Look. He had an option here Khalil Mack. Aaron, Donald day matrix differently. They may not show up for their teams. Adele, this guy wants to play football, right? He's a football player dying to get back out there. So he wants to get out there during training camp and he's putting the ball in the giants court and saying, hey, look, I'm doing everything possible to get this deal done. I want to be here, right? I'm doing whatever you guys asked me. I want to be in New York Giants. Let's get this done and there's really hasn't been any serious negotiations so far to this point Odal Beckham junior getting a report to a giant strain cabbies obvious coming off a year where he had the broken ankle only played in four games that remains to be seen, how much is it going to practice? Will he be on the field on Thursday when workouts begin? Is gonna play in the preseason and do the giants get a deal done with him during training camp historically. And obviously there's a regime change in New York, but historically, when the giants do these things like they did with ally manning these things take place behind closed doors, they don't typically, you know, show their cards. Regards to contract extensions, what they might do a certain players. So does this get done? It's a very good show of good faith by Odell Beckham, junior. If you're giants fan, it's like, dude, get it done for for as as much as del Beckham, junior Camby, quote, unquote distraction, and it's been immature before the whole, you know, going boat before the playoff game a couple of years ago with a bunch of his teammates and getting into fights with with Josh Norman, dude, Odell Beckham junior's one of the best three wide receivers in the game. You're not going to get anybody as good as him. You're certainly not gonna get any better than him. I'm not a big fan of saying, look, pay him and move on, but of got to do that, right. I mean, if you're the giants and you kinda going to go through this transition phase at some point where you move on from ally manning, maybe not this year, but at some point in the future and you've you've gotten saquon Barkley and you're looking to make a rebound from last year when he went three and thirteen Beckham junior's marvelously talented, he is still just. What twenty twenty six years old. His first three seasons in the NFL were historically great. Get it done, get it done, and the fact that he has shown up or gonna show up and be there for the beginning of training camp. That's a show of good faith. You have to reward that get the deal done and move on. And last podcast. Carmelo Anthony is the new rocket man. He's going to be a member of the Houston Rockets how many of us remember his time with the Atlanta Hawks is fondly as I do, but I'm in for Michael junior. This is first and last on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We will get into Carmelo Anthony and why. I think mellow in Houston can work coming up in just two minutes. But first, David Robinson was on the jump yesterday, sharing his thoughts on the Kawai Leonard situation with his former team is one of the oddest situations. I think I've seen since I've been in pro basketball. He's he's a hard guy to understand..

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