UK top diplomat warns no Brexit deal 'now a very real risk'


Wes Goodman full real time market commentary on knowledge this check out markets live that's m. l. i. v. on your Bloomberg terminal all right let's get back quickly that g twenty, meeting in Buenos I this the world's top finance chiefs have warned that trade tensions threaten global, growth is engines as the engines. Of leading economies fall out of, sync g twenty finance ministers and. Central bankers said in a statement published at the end of their two-day summit in. The Argentine capitol. That global, growth remains robust and many emerging market countries. Are better prepared, to face the crisis but risks to the world economy have increased it when it, comes to, corporate news this morning the former head of at Chrysler Sergio. Marconi remains, in intensive care struggling with complications after. Shoulder surgery according to the Italian news agency, answer the automaker named fifty four year old Britain And. Mike Manley to replace. Him. Over the weekend and as Bloomberg's Denise pelligrini reports. The choice shows that Fiat. Chrysler thinks it's future is all about Jeep Manley's. Been head. Of Fiat Chrysler automobiles Jeep brand since two thousand nine. And he, has a reputation for inspiring. Here's loyalty and getting the job done but he'll also face a lot of challenges including raising GPS profile in China meeting Beijing's rigorous fuel economy standards electrifying the company's lineup and boosting Alfa Romeo and Maserati GPS Lynch pin at the company's plant double prophet in the next five years and some analysts estimate Jeep alone could be worth, the entire market value of FIA at Chrysler Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg daybreak in Brexit news this morning, Amazon's UK head Doug girder has. Reportedly said there could be quote, civil unrest within two weeks if. Britain leaves the European Union with no deal the times newspaper says the warning was Given, a meeting on Friday organized by. Brexit secretary Dominic Robb it makes Amazon. UK the first business to issue issues, such a stark assessment of the threat posed, by a no deal Brexit quite scary girder girl from Gherman anyway let's move onto some other headlines from around the world we're gonna kick it off with Donald Trump really who's dominating once more let's. Say kick it over to Leon GARRETT'S good morning good morning Markus everyone's political leaders warning President. Trump in no uncertain terms not threaten his nation's. Oil exports exports. Hasaan Ruhani he said the US would be sorry, if it reimposes sanctions Iran. Name is the Americans say they won't allow Iran. To export even a, drop of oil Iran is that week what are you thinking what you cannot do such a thing we will stand up to you we are people have resistance the entire Iranian nation will resist, Meanwhile President Trump. Wound, around not a threaten the US. Tweeting that the country would. Face consequences really seen in history French president Macron has ordered a staff, shakeup after. Video emerged showing his aide beating up a protester officials say being beg scrape Fiske's says Macron has not said a public word. About what's. Shaping up to be the. First real crisis of his presidency parliament Monday will addition. The interior minister and the head of the, Paris police to understand why, security aide, to the French president meeting protesters. On may, first and. Why. The presidential palace kept it quiet and allow the to. Keep managing macaroni security are, we, Macron was singing. And dancing, in the dressing room of. France's victorious World Cup, team now retreated from public view in Paris Gregory Cousy Bloomberg daybreak Europe one woman's died and Thirteen people have? Been injured after a? Gunman opened fire in the Canadian city of Toronto details on scares but. Witnesses say a man opened. Fire in the Greek town area. Of, the city a place no info popular restaurants say the suspects shooter is dead and it's all change in Spain's..

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