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Lindsay Lohan Threatens To Fire Employees For Wearing Wrong Shoes


Every guy should know by twenty five. We'll get into it in a minute. Yeah. So what I can't talk about the medicines tourist. You're actually announcing it. It's at an announcement, you're doing the analysis. I can't. I can't announce tomorrow. You can talk all about. Okay. So we're announcing the announcement today, so I can't say what it you're doing it announcement, but we'll get a big Madison Square announcement today. I can't tell you what it is. Okay. Yeah, we're cool. We're still check. Nate, I know, right? Yeah, but to talk about it anyway. So I'm going to be at the garden today with the big announcement to announce that, oh my gosh, it's gonna be big. I like your suit. I'm wearing a suit the suit for the actually shaved. This must be a big announcement blood flowing out of my face. He can't tell Daniel. Yes, I so Lord was performing show in Australia over the weekend. And yeah, her her shirt became disconnected from her body. That's how she put it. Function. But before it got bad, she announced to the audience. Excuse me, everyone. My shirt has become disconnected from my body. She said, talk amongst yourselves to the side of the stage, had it fixed and came back on stage and finished like a pro as she does so cool on Katy Perry, this is pretty awesome what she did. She was at the airport, right? Outside Perth, and she was greeting to young Australian fans. They traveled six hours from their small town because they wanted to Katy Perry, they, she saw them. They were waving at her car on the side of the road, and she pulled over said, hi, took pictures with them and totally made their day. They'll go ahead say, does she have new music on the way. Like that. I was cool that she did that. I love it. Let's see. So Conde west, did you see he got hospitalized on Sunday with the flu he is. Okay. Now he is recovering here that he could be visiting North Korea soon. No, I did not hear that. Did you hear that. No, no, no. He's been invited to visit North Korea. I think Konya would do very well there. Lindsay Lohan might have been joking when she said this, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't. So you know, she has that beach club in Greece and these two beautiful women who work at the beach club tweeted out this thing about the beach club, but they were not wearing matching shoes, Lindy tweeted at them where matching shoes or you're fired. So people like, are you kidding? And she said, no, I'm not kidding. Apparently you have to have matching shoes or you're not going to be working for Lindsay Lohan anymore. That's crazy. The left one estimates, the right one. The two people have to have the same shoes on the, but by the way, did come to work one day with two different shoes on the door. Wasn't good. Dennis Rodman invited Connie west with him to North Korea because they're going to solve the world. That's can't wait to see that DJ Kelly dropping a new single on Friday. It's called no brainer. Justin Bieber quavo chance the rapper. They're all part of it. So that will be exciting here tonight on television. You've got America's got talent beaches, AM and world of dance, and it is Jennifer Lopez birthday. So say happy birthday to her today. Every morning. Follow us on Twitter at Elvis, Durant show Elvis Duran in the morning show. Samsung galaxy s. nine is fast. Now it can pull up all the things that are important to be like my pictures. I took here in Santa Fe while visiting things. I want to send a friend soon as I want to take a picture of boom camera up. Don't have to fumble and find it. So when I'm living my life, I can pull it up faster with my s. nine..

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Lindsay Lohan Threatens To Fire Employees For Wearing Wrong Shoes

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