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Need to call up to two hours. In advance the program is a star it says. Harewood But. More needs to be done if the MTA long Allen railroad has, elevators or make a way a ramp for people with disabilities or. Of the people that cannot go downstairs Dan we need, some type of, way down to the street level. Sophie hall WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty the Nassau County SPCA has confirmed a pair of Coyote sightings. And searing town in the past, month. The agency says if you see one. Don't get too close stand tall. And hold your arms out to look large and if it's still won't go away make loud noises and wave your arms but do not try to run away and certainly don't feed them in Westchester authorities are searching for a FOX that has tack. Three people Saturday Sean Adams has more from Yorktown Kathy Coakley says it happened in a flash. Of FOX pounced on her in. Her backyard Sunday it came at me so quickly I. Mean I remember seeing teeth I remember seeing for health. Officials suspect rabies because of. The aggressive behavior There was no time for me to really even. Try and get. Away I backed up a little bit and then, it just coming at me so. I I killed at it to try and push it back but it just kept coming back finally she grabbed hold of the skin of its. Back, and tossed it I keep replaying I haven't slept much because. Every time I do I replay. It in my mind the FOX also attacked a man, in his yard and. A jogger just down. The road from, the Jefferson valley mall they're all receiving shots police warn folks to take precautions when out walking the, dog or playing with little ones in, the yard in Yorktown Sean Adams WCBS, NewsRadio eight hundred eighty authorities have charged four more people in connection with an. Upstate cult accused of branding women and making them sex slaves. One, of them is Clare Bronfman an heiress to the Seagram's liquor fortune all four have been charged with racketeering conspiracy earlier this. Year. Actress Allison Mack who starred in. The TV, show smallville was also. Charged in the case the TSA is launching new three d. bag scam At. JFK Marla diamond checked it out at term late Unlike traditional scanners the Anna logic three d. c. t. scanner can see through just about anything in your carry on says the company's Johnstone, a full three d what we call volume metric image which basically means that they can manipulate it in full three treaty stays similar to what you see in a lot. Of the gaming technologies that kids these days are using, you can leave your laptop and..

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