Fear is growing on California farms over Trump's trade war


Welcome to the kfc farm our here's kfc's farmer fred fred hoffman california's farmers will be on the receiving end of a big economic hit if the us government doesn't provide relief from the proposed agricultural tariffs threatened by china canada mexico and europe we have the latest from washington california's pair harvest will be down this year but prices for the crop they're going up wild pigs are back in the news and there is a move afoot at the state capital to increase the hunting of these major farm pests processing tomatoes are a major crop in our area and the local farm advisor who was overseeing the changes in this industry over the decades is retiring we have a conversation with gene meow who talks about the innovations of growing tomatoes in the sacramento area over the last forty years all that crop reports and a lot more on this week k s t e farm our let's get started california's farmers supported the election of donald trump throughout the central valley now the trump trade policies have california's farmers very worried the new york times reports renewed trade related tensions with china put a spotlight on how quickly political tides can shift the unpredictability of the trump administration's policy with china has already worried farmers across the state many of whom voted for mr trump and gross staple products like almonds and pistachios that are targeted for tariffs in two thousand sixteen california exported two billion dollars in agricultural products to china which is the state's third biggest foreign market for farm goods as the tariff tug of war heats up what are the plans in washington for relief for california's farmers rod bane has the details considered for a while now as a countermeasure against retaliatory tariffs on us agricultural exports mitigation compensation vantage by russian agriculture secretary sonny perdue telling reporters in chicago tuesday that such a bit a geisha plan continues to be developed it what he calls a dynamic process as nations like china canada mexico and the european union an ounce or have announced product they may target in retaliation for recent us propose terrified items ranging from foreign produced steel and aluminum and related products made from such as the mark what happens on a daily basis format the market or the ongoing u s chinese trade to speak for instance the first wave of retaliatory tariffs from both nations are set to take effect in early july rod baid reporting for the us department of agriculture at washington dc california is expecting a lighter fresh pair crop this year it's down sixteen and a half percent from last year's final count the capital press reports the california pair advisory board is forecasting at twenty thousand nine crop of two point five million thirty six pound boxes that's down from three million last year walnut grove in court lynn the pair region of the sacramento river delta had an abundance of pairs last year and they're lighter this year due to insufficient winter chill and then a freeze and then hot weather right before the bloom and that impeded pollination fireblight also is more prolific again particularly on the star crimson variety another big issue the lack of available labour that according to sacramento county farm advisor chuck angles labor is a huge problem especially for peres we require so much labor for harvesting practices through the year cost is going ability abilities down becomes really difficult to grow pears are a real time goes on because of the labor problems this year's forecast is for two million bartlett pears mostly bosc bears will make up the remaining five hundred thousand boxes followed by red star crimson red bartlett sexual sense bright taylor's gold and others harvest will start around july ninth and walnut grove with the sun sprite variety bartlett and read bears will begin harvest.

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