Facebook Discloses More Data Sharing Partnerships As the Hits Just Keep Coming


They bring in their child who is now in pain and agony from the from the injury the look at me and say doctor i i can't believe this happened to my child i was standing right there the consumer product safety commission says there were twelve thousand nine hundred people treated during er visits for firework related injuries just last year in columbus jared alad newsradio seven hundred wwl w facebook says that it shared user data with fifty two hardware and software firms including some chinese companies the admission came in a seven hundred page document dumped to the house energy and commerce committee which released the information saturday the list includes major tech companies like amazon apple and samsung it also includes four chinese firms that have been flanked by us intelligence is national security threats here's a reds update came out and this one belongs to the rest what an impressive comeback today for the red flags hanging out eight runs the seventh inning they count from behind the milwaukee final score twelve to three marty brennaman with the final call the big win saturday evening was helped by relief pitcher michael lorenzen back to a point deep fly ball and that is another pitcher a grand slam oh my goodness jeff brantley.

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