State suspends Detroit doctor accused of over-prescribing opioids

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Pressure is the culprit add to that the remnants of tropical cyclone fabio pulling what breeze there would be out to sea so even low temperatures are not going to be very low there won't be much relief at night this is prompting warnings of heat related illnesses and extreme fire danger as dozens of major wildfires continue to burn out of control in the west of detroit doctor has been suspended from practicing medicine by the state for over prescribing opioids dr zan nez seabrook has been temporarily suspended by the michigan department of licensing pending an investigation the complaint says seebren prescribed oxycodones an oxymoron phone for other than lawful or medical purposes and failed to meet minimal standards of practice the doctor has not been charged with a crime mccomb county deputies are looking for the shooter who opened fire fireworks display wednesday night in mount clemens a twenty four year old man was shot and killed three people opened fire police are still searching for the driver of another hit and run fatal detroit police say a young man was killed almost instantly on a mini bike when he was hit by a dodge charger the driver of the charger took off on foot and left the car which had substantial front end damage the accident occurred entire nearest to halen neighbors were lighting fireworks in heard the impact witnesses can only describe the driver as a black man the silver charger wasn't stolen but did have a temporary license tag in the rear window ken rogulski wjr news news time eleven oh four here's steve courtney sports good morning happy friday one and all rangers take care.

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