Thai soccer coach apologizes to boys' parents, boys write 'don't worry' in letters


News asia nine fifty w w j thai cave rescue efforts continue as the coach of eulogisers two parents in the letter sent out with rescuers cbs news with more next and also ahead a piece of detroit's history one of the pablo posts goes up in flames devastating just devastating i'm john hewitt good morning i'm stephanie davis for wwe chain newsradio nine fifty we have a freeway closer to tell you about that's just ahead and seconds fifty nine degrees out at city airport clear skies fifty eight at metro let's go to cbs news cbs news update rescue teams north thailand have been drilling into a mountain looking for alternative ways to get twelve stranded boys and their soccer coach out of a flooded cave cbs's kris martinez preparing to different missions getting the twelve children and their coach to the cave entrance or going in from above drilling down as many as six hundred meters the forecast calls for several days of rain which means rising clud water that could prompt a rescue attempt maybe retry because to be afraid of the width bbc's sophie law navy seals who've been in and out of the cave overnight they brought out some messages from the boys and their coach and in a school notes in the coach he said he really apologized to the voice parents he said he promised to take care of them they're also notes when the boys as well many of them saying don't worry about us we are strong we are fine but a lot of them asking for certain things to eat when they come out news update i'm peter king and this is w w j newsradio nine fifty at five thirty two heads up to motorists on i seventy five this morning we have a developing news on the freeway that is now a bigger problem let's head out to the twenty four hour traffic center with w w j's teena marie what's happening there tina it's still that major accident we've been looking at for the past hour or so it has shut down seventy five northbound between four street and schaefer but all hope is not lost if you still do need to go that way or if you're headed that way you can use fourth street northbound to springwells northbound that'll get you back to seventy five northbound.

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