Chicago police clash with angry residents after deadly shooting


Time it's twelve thirty mtr kenner up here's our top story community activists william callaway speaking out today after chicago police shooting yesterday which was resulted in the death of thirtysevenyearold hareth augusta's calloway says through the freedom of information act he asked for the immediate release of all officer body cam footage from last night's shooting we are saying that the police have shot and killed dozens if not hundreds over the past decades of black people but thickly black men unarmed and we're pissed off the shooting trigger tonight a protest leaving four officers injured and four protesters arrested a stunning setback for california senator dianne feinstein the california democratic party gave her endorsement to rival state senator kevin de leon he won the party not after yesterday's vote of the parties roughly three hundred and sixty member executive board now let's get a check on traffic here's my live in the valley chevy dealers traffic center hey mike got a crash in.

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