WeWork bans meat for employees expensing meals, at company events


By kcbs am fm and hd one san francisco oakland san jose it's five o'clock this is cbs news on the hour presented by theraworx relief i'm sam litzinger the white house says there will be a news conference after the summit between president trump and putin on monday and reporters will have lots and lots of questions cbs news correspondent kenneth craig's says mr trump is at his resort in scotland right now hearing from protesters and tweeting about the indictment of a dozen russian intelligence agents accused of hacking into democratic computers during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign on saturday mr trump tweeted these russian individuals did their work during the obama years why didn't obama do something about it because he thought crooked hillary would win that's why democrats are calling on the president to cancel the summit in helsinki finland president and his are not willing to make the stacks of this indictment a top priority of the meeting in helsinki summit mr trump said he would ask putin russian operatives interfered in the election i will absolutely bring that up the president is keeping expectations low for the summit but he says he may come out with some very surprising thing sweaters says it's expanded to accounts linked to the russian spies cbs news correspondent jim krasula tells us about an awful boating accidents people are missing after their pleasure boat hit an oyster barge on the james river near portsmouth in the hampton roads area of southeastern virginia good samaritans and other boats rescued four people who were thrown into the water two of them were critically hurt the us coastguard is investigating the accident california officials say firefighter has been killed while battling a wildfire near yosemite national park heavy fire equipment operator brayden varney was finding the ferguson fire broke out last night in mariposa county near the west end of yosemite national park in the sierra national forest angelique kerber has won wimbledon by stopping serena williams bid for a record tying twenty four th grand slam title williams was gracious in defeat incredible person angelique is and she's a really good friends so i'm really happy for her and this is her first title and i know she's going to really enjoy it and enjoy the moment she spoke on espn office space sharing company we worked as it is no longer serving red or white meat at company events in email to employees is co founder and chief creative officer miguel mcafee mcafee says the company won't serve pork poultry or red meat and it won't allow employees to expense meals that include those meets to the company he says the change means we work will use less water and produce less carbon dioxide as well as save the lives.

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